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Geordie swinger parties

How to attend and have fun at adult parties in Newcastle-upon-tyne

Where the Newcastle swingers party

In the Newcastle area, swingers party and meet regularly in private residences, dotted all around the city and its suburbs.
In the past year over a hundred meetings were held, ranging from very intimate, all action, swinger events; to relaxed, social get togethers for first-timers and less adventurous couples and singles.
As usual, most of our members who prefer these gentle introductions to the swinger scene, soon want to move on onto full swinger parties, greedy girl events or other opportunities to enjoy group sex.

Plenty of space for adult fun in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle swinger party actionJust outside the city centre in Newcastle upon Tyne there is a venue that holds parties for couples and singles every Saturday night. It is a large private house with five rooms downstairs and a couple of rooms upstairs providing plenty of space for adult fun.

Warm and friendly hosting

The first thing you will notice when you enter this venue is the warm and friendly reception. The host and hostess take an amazing amount of effort to help everyone feel welcome and relaxed. Even a nervous newcomer will soon feel completely at ease, just as though you had known all the regulars for ages. There is no pressure for anybody to get involved sexually and some people simply use the party as a means of making new friends. The single guys who attend are very polite and respectful. None of them are the least bit pushy.

Buffet and soft drinks

An enjoyable and substantial finger buffet with soft drinks are provided but you will need to bring your own alcohol.

Dress Code

Men should wear smart / casual. (No jeans and trainers). Females can wear smart, casual or sexy attire.

Parties every week for singles and couples

Parties are all mixed couples and singles and take place most Saturday nights. Invitations are available on a members-only basis and you will need to submit I. D. to Club Aphrodite at the time of booking your first party there.