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Swinging in Sussex by the sea

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Very popular swinger venue near Brighton

This hugely popular venue is a very large, private house. It hosts regular parties on a grand scale. The facilities include a superb indoor swimming pool, a dance area, DJ and playrooms. It is well situated and easy to get to being just outside of Brighton.

Frolic in the pool or cavort in a swingers play room

The premises offers superb facilities. You will find the design colourful and exuberant. Newcomers are usually given a guided tour when they first attend.
Downstairs, you will be able to enjoy two swinger "Chill Out" rooms. One of these is fitted with a large screen TV on which you can watch top porno movies. The luxury heated indoor pool is naturally the focal point for most people. It offers the opportunity to start playing as naked body contacts naked body under the warm, relaxing water.
The remainder of the downstairs area is taken up by the excellent bar and music/dance area.
Upstairs is a smoke-free zone. Here, you will find five group-sex play rooms. These are never locked and are used by uninhibited people who want to enjoy threesome, forsomes and moresomes.
There is another play room that may be locked and can be used for those who want to enjoy less public fun.

Swinger party etiquette

There is never any pressure to participate and the most important rule is that everyone shows respect to the female guests at all times.


There is a light buffet and soft drinks available to be enjoyed during the earlier part of the evening. Later on some hot snacks are prepared.

Parties every week

There are parties every Saturday and these are mainly for swinger couples and single females (plus no more than two selected males.) On Fridays, usually one a month there are other events that couples and singles may attend.

Forthcoming Swinging Dates:

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