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Local Sex Contacts Club

Whatever area of the country you live in, Club Aphrodite is the ultimate sex contacts club. We provide more local swinger dating opportunities than other sex contacts dating site

This is because Club Aphrodite is a sex contacts club that is both local whilst being part of the web's largest national and international network of online adult dating.

Select any of the local areas listed below to discover what Club Aphrodite, online adult dating membership offers you locally. Alternatively, sign up for free. Then go to the members' search form to select a county, town and country to carry out a FREE SEARCH for single females, single males or swinger couples.

Adult and Swinger Dating Sex Contacts

When you join our unrivalled, sex contacts club, you will find hundreds of swinger and adult dating contacts who are active online members in every area of the country.

Check out the ultimate sex dating club now by using the free search form.

There is a free online search for sex contacts in all areas

Use it to find swingers and adult dating contacts, swingers, groups, single females, bi-females, threesomes, hook-ups and meetings in your local area or beyond.

Delivering quality adult dating for two decades

Club Aphrodite has been in the adult dating business since 1996. During that time we have consistently delivered quality service.

We have helped thousands of members from all over the UK and beyond fulfil their sexual fantasies, hook-up with hot sex contacts and enjoy the swinger lifestyle

This page is an index to a few examples of local areas where historically there has always been plenty of swinger and adult dating activity. Please note; the featured areas, mainly focussed on UK counties, is by no means exhaustive or a comprehensive picture of active membership coverage.

Some questions with answers

  • Q. Some adult dating sites I have joined don't seem to deliver. How do I know that Club Aphrodite is going to be any different?
  • A. Sex contact clubs operate in an extremely competitive environment and those that don't deliver disappear within a few years of starting up. Club Aphrodite has been successfully delivering match sex dates for two decades now - longer than even our biggest competitors!
  • Q. How complicated is your system?
  • A. The dating technology we use was chosen for its user-friendliness. It easy to operate from any platform, including mobile media.
  • Q. Are my personal details safe with you?
  • A. Your registration is totally secure and confidential and the details you supply cannot be misused or passed on to third parties. The adult dating site is rigorously protected by state-of-the-art encryption and security software
  • Q. Can I use my Iphone to access the site and find sex contacts in my local area?
  • A. Yes. The site is optimised for full and easy use on all mobile media
  • Q. How soon will I be meeting up with sex contacts in my local area?
  • A. Some members manage to arrange meetings that take please within just a few days of joining but it could take longer, depending on several factors. Whilst all local areas have plenty of members, larger urban areas have more than small rural ones, so this can affect the time it takes to meet up with someone. On average, new members are able to find and arrange their first adult date within two to three weeks of joining.
  • Q. I am interested in attending swinger events, orgies and group sex sessions. Is this possible or is your sex contacts club mainly for 1:1 hook-ups?
  • A. The majority of our members enjoy group sex. They regularly attend parties and enjoy group fun in all parts of the country and you will be able to do the same.

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