Attending our swinging parties

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5 easy steps to attending swinger events:

Step 1:

To start with, you'll need to sign up, using the easy, five-step form at the top of this page.

This will let other members know whether you are a single male, female or swinging-couple and who you are looking to enjoy your swinging party fun with.

You will also be asked to enter your date of birth because this is an 18+ site!

Finally, create your own unique password.

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Step 2:

After completing the above form, you enter the members-only section of the site. This opens at a profile creation page where it really pays off to create a 'PROFILE HEADING' that is attention grabbing. Then in the box headed, 'TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF', type a profile that clearly emphasises your desire to attend adult events and swinging parties
Don't worry about getting this right first time. You can always go back to change your profile later

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Step 3:

When you have finished your profile, you can start using the site to find other members who you would like to enjoy adult parties with.
There is no restriction on how long you continue your free membership, so take as long as you like checking out the other members in your area and beyond; logging in and revisiting the site as many times as you like.

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Step 4:

When you are finally sure about everything and ready to start attending parties, choose one of our upgrade membership packages.
These allows you to receive party invitations and messages from active party groups.
Simply follow the online directions and choose an upgraded membership period that suits you.

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Step 5:

Attending your first swinging party event might seem a little daunting but there is absolutely no need to feel nervous.
For a start, we can practically guarantee that at any given party there will be others who are also first-timers. No one has to join in with anything they feel uncomfortable about and no pressure is ever applied.
Take your time, relax and enjoy the socializing; everything else will just follow naturally.

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