Club Aphrodite
Swinger Club in Edinburgh

Discreet and conveniently located club

Conveniently located in central Edinburgh, this very discreet swingers club is open for party fun on Friday and Saturday nights. The atmosphere is always relaxed and welcoming and suitable for complete novices and experienced swingers alike.

The comfortably furnished and relaxing meeting area is the perfect place to get to know other members. Soft drinks are served in this area and although the venue is not licensed, members are welcome to bring their own alcohol.

Six playrooms and dungeon for adult fun

Beyond the meeting area the venue offers six playrooms for uninhibited adult fun. There is also a well equipped dungeon for swingers who share a proclivity for BDSM and fetish fantasy.

Secure lockers are provided in which you can safely leave your valuables - and of course any clothing you may decide to remove! There are showers available and towels are provide.

Central Edinburgh location

Singles and Swinger Couples

Parties may be attended by singles of either sex in addition to swinger couples. Some parties have special themes but most do not. In addition to our Lingerie Nights we will also hold a variety of other theme nights throughout the year.

Dress Code

There is no set dress code but regulars dress to impress and a scruffy appearance will not endear you any other patron. There is absolutely no pressure to undress but you will find that those who get the most out of swinging are those who wear the least or the most daring outfits.