Greedy Girls Parties and Gang Bangs

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Greedy Girl Parties

Some swingers enjoying a Greedy Girls Party

Greedy Girl Parties is the name given to events attended by women whose sexual appetite is to fuck with several males at a time in an almost insatiable manner.

A Greedy Girl party proceeds very much along the lines of a mixed couples / singles event except that it will have a higher ratio of males to females.

Group sex takes place in a variety of combinations; from one on one in turns to multiple combinations of males engaging at the same time with one female. Sometimes this leaves only a fairly fine distinction between this sort of sex-party and a Gang-Bang (see below).


Gang-Bangs are very similar to Greedy-Girl parties except that there will always be only one female receiving the attentions of several males at a time.

In most cases, the woman at the centre of a gang-bang party is part of a swinger couple partnership. Her husband or partner is likely to be with her, providing support and encouragement and sometimes taking part himself. It is also likely that he will have arranged the event, either directly or with the help of the club.

Females who enjoy Gang Bangs often enjoy Bukakke events as well and the one type of event often crosses over into the other.

Reverse Gang Bangs

Where a group of females dominate and perform sexual acts with just one male, the event is called a Reverse Gang-Bang . Whilst you will be able to find numerous reverse gang bang parties in the world of porn movies, they are somewhat less common in real life.

Nevertheless, we do have swinger couple members who have successfully arranged reverse gang-bangs. This has invariably been done by the couples' female partner as a special treat for their male partner.

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