Club Aphrodite Swingers

Manchester swinger party information

Manchester swinger party venue

Luxuriously designed and decorated swinger venue

The venue is a large corner house in Manchester that operates as a massage parlour in the daytime. It has been luxuriously designed and decorated and in the evenings it makes an ideal place to hold relaxed adult parties for Manchester swinger couples and singles as well as for guests from further away.

Tastefully furnished lounge for meeting other swingers

When you first arrive at this venue, most people head for the lounge.

This is a meeting area tastefully and comfortably furnished with sofas and chairs.

Use the opportunity to socialise and indulge in some risque conversation with other swingers.

Play rooms with some privacy

There are two play-rooms that are generally used by people who want a little more privacy than is afforded in the other areas. In these some same room fun or a swapping foursome are the more usual forms of intimacy.

Group sex on the grand scale

The more open area features a romping bed which is a large curtain - enclosed bed, ideally suited for those who enjoy the “more the merrier” type of group fun. It is lit by red lights and statues of the Goddess Aphrodite stand either side of its entrance.

Role play and fetish themes

The remaining room is a theme room, suitable for use by anyone but aimed more towards those who enjoy sub-dom games, role-play or fetish.

Who are the swingers?

All sorts of people, often from a wide geographical area attend this superb Manchester swinger party venue. Ages range from early twenties to late forties with the average swinging couple likely to be in their early thirties. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, race or social background. All that is expected is cleanliness and reasonably smart appearance.

Dress code

Male guests arrive dressed in smart casual wear. Female guests usually wear short dresses or skirts or anything sexy and revealing.

Sex Parties every week

Parties are held most weeks, typically with "Greedy Girls" and mixed events being midweek and other styles of party mainly on Saturdays.