Seven swinger party venues in Greater Manchester

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Over 200 attend without counting swinger club events

Excluding swinger club events, well over 200 Club Aphrodite members attended swinger parties in greater Manchester last year. These were held in private residences and hosted by the home owners. Altogether, there were seven different venues and the parties varied in size from those accommodating less than ten guests to ones with over fifty people attending. The frequency of parties also varied with each venue, with one venue only able to deliver a one-off event whilst others managed to run on a regular monthly basis throughout the entire year. Full details and location of each venue are listed below.


Stockport area - Bramhall

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Bury area near Ramsbottom



Near Wigan

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The Swinger Party Gate is Open

During the covid lockdown periods many swinger parties were unable to take place. Yet throughout that period we saw more new members signing up than ever before. They joined because they realized that it was a good time to get into the swinger scene.
If this sounds like a contradiction, think about it for a moment. It takes time to to build up relationships and to gain acceptance into local networks yet this has always been the key to getting into the scene. Single males especially benefited for this reason and enjoyed safer swinging in twosomes and threesomes.

Now that the swinger party gate is open again our members are able to enjoy larger group sex events. Join them today