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Venue Owners / Party Hosts

Do you have a venue where you host regular parties?

If you do, we can help you find extra guests by giving you a page on this site and another on our "Members Only" site.
You can choose how you would like our members to contact you. If you have a strict selection criteria, this will be applied and no one will be given your address until you are certain you want to invite them.
We can advertise every type of party you hold and will even act as your booking agent if you want us to.

To start with, please complete the form opposite with some basic details about your venue and the types of parties you have. Then click on the submit button.
From the information you supply, we will endeavour to constract a suitable page for you, both here and on the "Members Only" site. However there may be additional information we require and if so, you will receive an email requesting it.

Parties and Venues Lists

Click on the regions below and follow links to find swinging venues with parties that you would like to attend

Hosting Adult Parties?
Use this form to notify us

We can help your swinger party venue to grow and bring guests to any adult parties you may be thinking of hosting.
This is a completely FREE service to anyone who has parties.
Just complete the details below and click the submit button.
We'll get back to you with our proposals for sending you guests and promoting your adult and swinger parties

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