Off Line Membership Alternative

Off line membership is for people who do not have regular computer / broadband access or prefer not to use their computer for online adult dating.
The offline service is a traditional postal based system where members contact by mail, forwarded by the club and by voicemail telephone messaging. The club allocates every off line member with a totally discreet box number so that a member's address is never divulged to other members.

To apply, please print out, complete and post the application formwhich is published below the following membership fees tariff:

1. Swinger Couples
1 year membership fee 65

To join as a swinger couple you must have a regular partner who completes the application process with you and is reflected in the wording of your joint adult dating contacts advert.
As a swinger couple, you will be expected to jointly arrange meetings with other members and to attend all adult swinger parties together.
Both partners are also expected to actively participate in resulting liaisons with other adult dating contacts and at the adult swinger parties they attend>

2. Single Males
1 year membership fee 65

Any male - single or otherwise - who does not have a partner likely to participate in adult swinger parties or liaisons with adult dating contacts should join as a single male.

2. Single Females
1 year membership fee 30

Single female membership is strictly for genuine unattached single females only.
If you opt for this category of membership you will be expected to participate in all club activities and attend adult swinger parties unaccompanied by male partners and your meetings with adult dating contacts must likewise be in an unaccompanied role.


Please print, complete and post to Club Aphrodite PO Box 5296 Blandford Forum DT11 9XZ and enclose cheque (payable to Club Aphrodite), postal orders, or registered cash

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