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What women wear when they go swinger dating

Author: Aphrodite

The old cliche, first impressions are everything, is probably at least half true when it comes to adult dating or swinger dating. You want to create an impression the first time you meet up for a swinger date but you don't want be so daring that you scare him off.
Adult dates are really not much different in this respect from romance dates. The most important thing is to avoid dressing in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules, there are a few guidelines that are worth remembering.
The first is not to leave it all to the last minute to decide what to wear. Think it through well in advance and when you decide on the outfit, stick to your decision. The worse way to arrive for your date is in a stressed out state after trying on several outfits in the last few minutes before setting off.

Try to plan for contingencies. The weather forecast might indicate it's going to dry and warm but if there is the least possibility of it suddenly turning wet and cold, be prepared. Take into account how you are going to get to the meeting. If it isn't by car or taxi, you may have to walk some distance from where the public transport stops to the rendezvous place. If so, you should carefully consider whether those extreme stilettos are really suitable footwear after all!
If you are eating out and there is the slightest risk of dropping food, you are going to feel a lot more relaxed wearing a colour that isn't going to show the evidence of your mishap. On this note, it may also be worth avoiding food that is served in lots of sauce, especially curries and tomato based sauces like you get with pasta. Whilst on the subject of food, although it has nothing to do with what you wear, be aware that garlic very quickly and efficiently transmits its taste and odour to our bodily fluids!
Even if you are not dining, watch out for glasses of red wine poured by a clumsy barman. Isn't it amazing how those droplets can sit on the base of the stem, unnoticed and undisturbed until you take the first sip? Chilled drinks are also liable to drip and although less of a disaster in terms of staining, you don't really want to be wearing white when it happens.
Above all else, feeling both physically and mentally comfortable on first dates is the key to having a great time. If you wear things that are too tight, or that need adjusting every few minutes, it's unlikely that either physical or emotional comfort will be achieved. Even if you think you are feeling okay, constant fiddling with your attire is likely to give off nervous or even uninterested vibes to your date. It just isn't a risk worth taking.
Whilst you should avoid dressing in the skimpiest or most outrageously erotic outfit when it comes to the choice of outer garment, we are discussing an adult or swinger date here and that means only one thing. Unlike the typical first date of a romantic dating relationship, the purpose of a first meeting in adult or swinger dating is going to be about having sex. With this in mind, wear the sexiest underwear you have or if it turns you on, leave the under wear off. Stockings and suspender belts have been so fashionable over the years with swingers that they can almost be considered as the swingers uniform. However, this does not make it a good reason not to wear them. I know a lot of guys on the swinger scene who actually feel a bit turned off by the feel of nylon enclosed legs and the sight of yet another pair of lacy stocking tops!
The first date in an adult dating relationship is just as important as the first date in a romantic dating relationship. Choosing the right thing to wear is as important on both. Perhaps the main difference is that unlike a romantic first date, an adult dating first date can be considered very successful when it also the last date! There are going to plenty more singles and couples to date so why not buy that new outfit ready for the next time?