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Online adult dating - free browse

Browse adult contacts for free

Our swingers club online adult dating service puts you in touch with over 250,000 adult contacts located in every area of the UK.

Adult dating - age groups

Club Aphrodite has members of all ages in every area and you can select the age group of the adult contacts you would like to meet

For younger swingers who prefer to have their adult dating fun with people in a similar age group, this means being able to focus easily on adult contacts with profiles that match.

For older members to whom a mature personality is more important than youthful appearance, adult dating filters can be set to their requirements also.
Our experience is that generally, many people over the age of 45, using our online adult dating matching services, are pleasantly surprised by just how easy it is to find younger members who want to meet up and enjoy adult fun with them, especially single females.

Off-line option and alternative

Unlike other swingers clubs, we have a vibrant membership of offline adult contacts and adult party goers.

Some of the couples and single have been members since we began in 1996 but many others still join today because they either have restricted computer / broadband-internet access or simply prefer not to do their adult dating online for various personal reasons.

Some members opt for both online AND offline membership because they enjoy the benefits of receiving a bi-monthly magazine, details of the offline adult contacts, and access to some adult parties that are not publicised on line.

If you would prefer offline membership, please complete our postal application form

Please note the fees for postal membership are payable by post only, using cheque, postal order or cash payment.

More about making sex contacts

Successful adult dating with genuine adult contacts - A winning adult dating profile

The first step to finding genuine adult contacts who meet up for real adult fun is to compose a winning adult dating profile.
We provide you with expert help and advice on how to ensure that your profile really gets noticed and receives a great response from other members.

Start searching for adult contacts now

Using our sophisticated adult dating, searching and matching filters makes it easy to search for adult contacts by age group, local area, single / couple status, physical characteristics, interest, lifestyle, ethnicity, sexuality and of course sexual characteristics.

Making contact

Having identified who you would like to make contact with, the obvious next step is to do it!
But doing it and doing it effectively are two different things and once again Club Aphrodite provides you with all the support and advice you need to create the best possible impression and impact from your adult dating messaging.

Chatroom etiquette
Another great way to make contact is to join in the chat that takes place in our adult dating chatrooms
Watch out though, it's easy for a beginner to just go barging in a chatroom without understanding the etiquette and social protocols that operate. You can of course learn the hard way if you wish but we have more help and advice waiting for you if you want to achieve the best results from this fascinating and highly entertaining way of making online adult contacts

Meeting up

The final step is meeting up
Club Aphrodite is not one of those 'cyber sex only' online swinger clubs. Our members really do meet up and enjoy loads of real adult fun.
Once you've signed up and been a member only a short time you'll soon discover that for yourself. But whether you meet up at adult parties or make your own, more private, adult dating arrangements, it is still wise to plan and prepare for making the meeting or party a complete adult dating success. Once again, we support our members by publishing articles and tips on how to make the very best out of every adult dating rendezvous.

Adult parties

As mentioned above, a popular way of meeting up is to attend adult parties.
Our members will find parties being held all of the time in practically every location.
Online, you can select adult parties from the events bulletin board which is updated every day. For offline members and those opting for both types of membership, we offer additional adult parties at regular venues and in members houses via our bi-monthly magazine and updates.
We do not know of any other swingers club who combine adult parties and adult dating in this way. Take a free test drive and see for yourself.