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Loathed by many swingers but loved by others

By Aphrodite

A question that newcomers to the swinger scene quite often ask is whether games are played at swinger parties.

Our answer is always a qualified no. The vast majority of British swingers would not want to participate in adult party games at a party; and for this reason most swinger party hosts do nothing to encourage them being played. For the minority of swingers who do enjoy them, this is a pity because adult party games can be a great way of getting things going. They can also facilitate the playing out of sexual fantasies that might otherwise remain buried, even within the normally liberal and encouraging atmosphere of a swinger party. Unfortunately the feelings of those couples most opposed to party games can be very strong indeed and party hosts are wise to refrain from introducing games unless they can be absolutely certain that their guests want them.

Some swinger parties we have organised in the past have been attended by groups of swingers from the U.S.A.. They have expressed a very different attitude about adult party games from their British counterparts. Much more extroverted in what they wear - or don't wear in some cases - the Americans we have met at swinger parties, generally want games to played and have even been known to leave a party early because no games were started. However, this difference in attitude towards group behaviour is not confined to swinging. British people holidaying in all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean or Florida often return with stories about how the U.S. guests at the resort loved to get involved in organised beach games, karaoke nights, pool volleyball and other similar activities. It may well be that cultural differences explain why attitudes towards organised adult party games at swinger parties seem so at variance on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

There are however occasions, when the guests at a swinger party are all known to either want, or have no strong feelings against, having adult party games played. On these occasions, we have introduced and enjoyed several games that have proved to be really great fun. Most of them were easy to think up and required little more resources than dice or cards.

Here is one example of a particular favourite of ours: The game commences with the participants writing out a dare. The dares can range from simple ones like, kissing the person sitting next to you, right through to publicly performing really adventurous sexual acts with someone. The method of deciding who is next to dare can either be by just going around the circle, taking turns or by drawing the lowest card or throwing the lowest dice. Sanctions for those who refuse to accept or complete a dare are decided before the game starts. A typical sanction is the removal of one item of clothing.

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We used to play a more elaborate version of this game at some swinger parties with a special pack of fifty cards. Each card was printed with a dare we had thought out in advance and would work in all adult party situations. Examples like the dares described above were included. All the players were dealt a single card face down and a dice was used to determine which player turned their card up and announced the dare that was printed on it to the rest of the group. Having done so that player was obliged to either play out the dare or forfeit the sanction that had been agreed by the group.

Swinger parties like these are the exception rather than the norm and whilst that may be a source of regret for a minority of swingers - in which we would include ourselves - the majority clearly prefer parties where games are not played.

If you have never attended a swinger party and have been plucking up the courage to do so, you may feel quite relieved to know that you won't be expected to play any adult games. In fact, you will find that no one will bother you or expect you to do anything you are not fully comfortable with.

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