How swingers can have a mind blowing explosive female orgasm

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Help your swing partner have a mind blowing orgasm

We think that this and other articles by Bryan Burbank have a great deal of relevance for single males in the swinger community and especially for those thinking of joining it. Although swinging is primarily about recreational sex, males who think it is a cheap way of satisfying their own, purely physical needs are likely to be rejected by female swingers everywhere.

Author: Bryan Burbank

To give your female partner a mind blowing orgasm you need to understand how a woman's body and mind work. Most men are looking for sex and to reach an orgasm is not a hard thing for them to do. A woman however is a more complicated process. You want to turn your partner on to the point that she is begging you for more. It takes time and patience to get her to the point of climax and having an orgasm.

There are a few things that you can do to get her turned on and ready for your loving touch.
First you want to make sure there is plenty of verbal foreplay so that she can get in the mood. Most of the early stage interaction is emotional with women so you need to play on her needs and desires. You can do simple things such as touching her in sentential places and telling her that you can not wait until you are alone together later.

Many women can get turned on by talking dirty and whispering in the ear. With most women it can be a process or a buildup to get her ready for an orgasm. You should never rush the effort.
Second you want to kiss and play with her erotic areas but with some restraint. It is good to feel and kiss her nipples and clitoris area but do not be over powering with her to the point were she gets turned off. You want to make the whole experience about her and make sure she knows you are there to please her.

Make sure that when you kiss and touch her you hold back so that she continues to get aroused. You want her to reach the point where she can not take it anymore and wants you to please her now.

Remember that helping your female partner reach a climax is not hard to do but you need to be patient. Make sure that all of your focus is on her and making her satisfied.

Article Source: Ezine Articles

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