What makes swingers swing

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By Aphrodite

Probably less than 0.5% of British society are swingers

It is estimated that regular swingers make up less than 0.5% of British society. The figure is probably about the same for the U.S.A. and only slightly more in European counties like Holland and Germany, where swinging has always been much more socially acceptable.
This figure may represent a small minority of the population but it still amounts to a considerable number. For example, 0.5% of Britain's 60 million population would mean that 300,000 people are regular swingers. In addition to these, there is of course a far greater number who have dabbled in swinging on a one off or occasional basis.
The difference between occasional and regular swinging is that regular swingers consider themselves to be living an alternative lifestyle whilst the occasional swinger is experimenting.

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Swingers from every sector of society

So what is that makes swingers swing? The swingers we have known over many years of running swinger clubs like Club-Aphrodite, has taught us that swingers come from every sector of society. This makes swinger parties very egalitarian affairs where anyone from manual worker to company executive turns up and plays with others who appeal much more because of sexual chemistry than anything to do with lifestyle or social background.
There are however some common factors that we have noticed in the personality or character traits of swingers. The most obvious one being, a sense of being liberated from an over restrictive society. Quite often, the swinger childhood influences were overly restrictive, particularly with regards to sexual matters. It therefore seems quite likely that the child grows up to be an adult who decides to rebel against those influences and compensates for all that they feel they were denied as children. In view of this, it is hardly surprising that the vast majority of swingers we have met express the fear of being found out, particularly by elderly parents, as the greatest concern they have about their lifestyle.
Swinging is often described as recreational sex and it does seem that many swingers are motivated by the buzz or sense of adventure that this form of recreation provides. Instead of taking up sports with a high physical risk element, it is as if the swinger has chosen the sport of sex instead. The risk of being found out is actually part of the buzz. So whilst it is so often listed as the greatest fear, it can also be a turn-on of the sort provided by the fear of falling for a rock climber.
Other more obvious motives can easily be found in the typical swinger's make up. Having a higher than average sex drive is the first motive that comes to mind. Although we have certainly come across people who claim to swing for the opposite reason. (i.e. To seek stimulation for a low sex drive).
Other high ranking motives are voyeurism and bisexuality. Voyeurism is common amongst swingers and so is the need to explore or satisfy bisexual tendencies. The latter is openly expressed and very much encouraged amongst female swingers but swinger circles often discourage bisexuality amongst males. Consequently it is unusual to hear males openly discussing any bisexual tendencies they may have.
When people join clubs like Club Aphrodite they are very often only beginning to experiment with swinging. Those that satisfy their curiosity and do not become regular swingers, are not often members long enough for us to get to know what really attracted them swinging. It is the regular lifestyle swingers who stay members for many years that we have drawn our conclusions from but like all studies of human nature the reasons that persuade anyone to do anything can be extremely complex. The answer to what makes swingers swing are therefore far more varied and complex than we will ever know.

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