Swinger parties in London's West End

Exclusive West End Apartments

There are often swinger parties being held in exclusive rented apartments, mainly in areas such as Baron's Court, Picadilly and Mayfair. Some are two bedroom and some are three

Ideal for the single and not-so-single male

If you are a single male, or even a not-so-single male whose partner’s only interest in the swinger scene is to ensure that you never attend a party, these excellent singles parties are probably just what you need. They are held in comfortable apartments in places as central as Piccadilly or Mayfair. To help the not-so-single guy who cannot easily find a good enough cover story to enable him to attend Saturday evening parties, most of these events take place on weekdays and often in the afternoon or early evening

A little floor show to get things going

One of the other great things about these parties is the exhibitionists who attend. They are usually regulars and they provide some pre-party entertainment by way of little “floorshows” to get people in the mood.
This might be little more than a strip tease but it can go much farther. On some occasions it turns into a full sex act or even bukkake. There is one particular girl who loves to get some guys to strip her naked and then wank over her.
She just loves everyone watching her, as she lays on the floor, legs spread and pussy exposed to everyone. If the guys are up to it she ends up covered in spunk and then gets up and starts socialising as if nothing has happened.

Food and Drink

Complimentary food and drink by way of a light buffet and soft drinks are provided. If you prefer to bring your own alcoholic drinks, please do so.

Dress Code

Smart-casual for men. Ladies wear as little as they dare.

Midweek parties and some in daytime hours

There are often Tuesday and Wednesday daytime parties but check for latest updates