More About Swinger-Couples-Only Events

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Sex Parties for Swinger Couples

Swinger couples parties are sex parties for couples only or for couples plus some single females. Unaccompanied single males are not invited to this kind of event.

Nearly all swinger clubs and private venues offer couples-only parties. There are enough around for most swingers couples to enjoy a party of this type practically every week of the year. The ones that take place in swinger club venues are located mainly in well-populated areas up and down the country. Most of these are featured with full descriptions on the relevant location page of this web-site (see regional index.)

More fun, in the opinion of many swingers, can be had at the couples-only parties which take place in private residences. Here again, such parties take place all the time in most areas of the country and some descriptions can be found in the locations pages.

Partner Swapping

Some couples-only events involve little more than discreet partner swapping in private rooms but at the other end of the spectrum you will find outright sex-orgies with writhing naked bodies performing group sex throughout the venue in rooms with open access.

However uninhibited the behaviour may be, everyone's limits are respected and nervous newcomers are warmly welcomed without ever being subjected to any pressure to join in.

Dress Code

Many couples dress in much the same way as they would for a friend's birthday party. But not everyone is quite so unadventurous and hosts generally encourage guests to wear as little as they dare. A room full of conventionally dressed people doesn't do much to inspire uninhibited behaviour!

How Single Males Can Attend

Single males need not feel discouraged by the fact that these events are for couples only. We have an immense database of adult contacts, many of whom are single females wanting to enjoy this kind of experience. Once you hook-up with one you will be able to add swinger couples only parties to the list of sex parties that are available to you.