Swinger dating in Leicester for swinger couples and singles

Leicester swingers not missing the G-Spot

A purpose built swinging club, named "The G-Spot" that was situated in the centre of Leicester is no longer open. The events it used to run for Leicester's swinger couples and singles were frequently criticized as being somewhat seamy affairs with hoards of single men queuing up for sexual favours from one or two, disinterested-looking women. It had clearly become more of knocking-shop that a swingerparty venue.
The G-Spot is not missed and this page describes some of the alternative swinging parties and adult fun arranged through swinger dating in the Leicester area.

Swinger Dating Activities

The city of Leicester and its surrounding areas have an enormous amount of swinger dating activity, for both couples and singles, including many swinging parties in the area.

The absence of an established, regular swinger club venue in Leicester is not a problem to them.

For those who enjoy swinging events, a local network operates to host parties at one another's homes. These range from fairly small, swinger-couples-only events to larger, mixed couples-singles and even the odd Greedy-Girl-Party. Some examples are cited below.

Swinging Parties at Home

Here are some examples of swinging parties that are regularly organised on the home-hosted network basis, described above:

  • A delightful five-bedroom home in the Evington area is probably the most popular venue with swinger couples who enjoy a touch of luxury and prefer events that do not invite single males. The house is not used on a regular basis but usually manages four or five swinger parties every year.
  • On the city outskirts, regular member hosted events in Thumby and Birstall have continued to provide both swinger couples and singles with some truly memorable group-sex for some time now.
  • In Market Harborough, Ryan and Nicole continue to host their excellent erotic dining events as well as afternoon mixed swinger couple / singles parties. On the rare occasions that good weather allowed it, the latter spilled over out to the secluded garden.

Soft Swinging - Smaller Groups - Singles Dating

For the swinging couples and singles who prefer soft-swinging, smaller groups or 1-2-1 singles adult dating, there is even more going on.

Leicester's ethnically diverse population is beginning to mirror itself in the proportion of members who are from an ethnic background. The largest and fastest growing section are swinger couples and singles who's ethnic origins are Indian largely by way of grandparents but also, less commonly, with Indian parents. For this group, the break with tradition to adopt the swinging lifestyle, must be immense and their bravery in doing so is to be admired.

Our members in Leicester are varied in other ways too. Some are interested only in hook-ups for 1-2-1 sex. For these, there are hundreds of hot single adult contacts to choose from.
Soft-swing couples rarely experience any shortage in their search for like-minded members and Leicester provides a wonderful array of pubs, cafes, restaurants, clubs and hotels to meet at.
For more adventurous swinger couples and singles of both sex, hooking up with others for threesomes, foursomes and other variations of group sex, is the ultimate adult fun activity. All of these and more are everyday possibilities when you join our members in the Leicester area.

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