What is a mixed couples-singles sex party ?

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Swinger Couples Plus Singles

Swingers enjoying a mixed couples singles party

Mixed couples / singles parties are attended by swinger couples who do not mind having sex with single males watching them or participating with them. Such events also suit singles who have no problem in enjoying group sex in uneven combinations of couple, female, and male participants.

Group Sex or Just Flirting

Despite the typical excess of single males at mixed events, no one is ever pestered or pressurised into doing things or engaging with anyone they are not comfortable about. Newcomers to the scene are welcomed and put at ease in just the same way they would be at a swinger couples only party.

Activities range from flirtatious socialising through to unbridled group sex in almost any combination and numbers.

Comfortable Ratios

Although there will usually be more single males attending a mixed event than there will single females, many hosts and venues limit their numbers to ensure that a comfortable ratio of the sexes is not exceeded.

It is not uncommon for single males to hook-up with single females to attend events as a couple. You'd probably be surprised at just how many single females there are who are just waiting for a male to ask them to accompany them. Use our online search to find a swing partner for events in your area.