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Scotland swinger parties
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There is an active Scottish swinger scene with many superb venues providing regular parties for singles and couples. Adult dating meetings, social events, 'Greedy Girl' parties, are all popular in addition to the many very good, swinger parties

Sex parties for Scotland's swingers

More about the Scottish swinger scene

Local areas differ enormously however and members who live in the more remote, under-populated regions often need to travel to find venues. Also, as the Scottish swinger scene is much more about private house parties than club venues, they can require a bit of ferreting out.

The best way of doing this is to be patient and in building a popular online presence, networking over a period time with active members. If you have offline membership, respond to Club Aphrodite adult contact ads as well as ensuring your own makes it clear that you are seeking parties!

Some Swinger Party Venues in Scotland

Perthshire Swingers

Edinburgh Swingers Club


The venue is actually a Fetish club but as there is no regular swingers club in Glasgow, members frequent the club and use it to make contact with others.

Consequently, people don't have group sex there, although there is the odd bit of nudity and playful groping. The club does have a dress code but genuine swingers should have no trouble choosing from one of several options which are:
Sexy fetish gear, PVC, rubber, leather, naughty underwear, uniform The people who attend range from those in their early 20's to those in their 60's. They attend as couples and as singles and may be straight, bi or gay. Transvestites, transsexuals, and cross-dressers are also likely to be present on any given night.

All are equally welcome and the swingers who attend will find the place extends a genuinely warm and friendly greeting to them as well.

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