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A Very Active Scottish Swinger Scene

Club Aphrodite has an active Scottish swinger scene with many superb venues providing regular parties for singles and couples. Swinger dating, meetings, social events, and 'Greedy Girl' parties, all flourish in addition to the many very good, swinger parties that our members attend in Scotland

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Club Aphrodite's Scottish Swinger Scene

Our Scottish swingers are singles and couples who enjoy every aspect of the lifestyle. These include:

  • Hot, one-on-one dating: This is the ideal starting point for singles who want to get into the lifestyle but don't have an interested partner. Using our unique, swing-partner finder, they can soon find other singles to date and hook-up with for group fun in the form of threesomes, foursomes and swinger parties.
  • Threesomes: Having a threesome is probably the most commonly experienced fantasy of all. For the majority of our members, it was an unfulfilled fantasy before they joined us. Whether you are a couple or a single, finding other members to enjoy either MMF or FFM threesomes is the perfect way to turn the fantasy into reality.
  • Foursomes: Here, in Scotland as elsewhere, couple-on-couple encounters are the core activity of the swinger lifestyle. But singles can enjoy foursomes too. Its just a case of using our facilities to find swing-partners who share your desire to experience foursome sex.
  • 'Greedy Girl' parties: This kind of sex-party is especially popular with women who are part of a couple and whose partner enjoys watching her in action with a group of men. Some single women also enjoy being the 'Star Attraction' at this kind of gathering.
  • Social gatherings: A lot of swingers find get-togethers in pubs, hired rooms and other suitable places, provide an enjoyable way to meet up, indulge in risqué conversations and plan the other kinds of activities that require less public venues.
  • Swinger parties: Probably the most commonly held misconception regarding swinging is that its all about swinger parties. Whilst many swingers love partying, there are others who prefer the smaller, more private forms of polyamorous sex, described above.
    In Scotland, the swinger party scene is much more about private house parties than swinger club venues. Consequently, they can require a bit of ferreting out. The best way of doing this is by patiently building a popular online presence, networking over a period time with active members. Also members who live in more remote, under-populated regions often need to travel to attend parties.

New swinger club plans for Scotland

We are currently looking at commercial premises in the Aberdeen area that appear to be very suitable for converting into a swinger club. Our plan is to share the project with the current owner of the property, a wealthy business man who has enjoyed the swinging lifestyle as a member for several years now. He would run the venture as a spa when it is not being used as a swinger club. We think that there is sufficient demand for it to open for swinger events once or twice a week, probably on Friday and Saturday evenings. New swinger club for Scotland The activities of the spa would include a wide variety of treatments such as therapeutic spa baths, jacuzzis, sauna, massage, and sunbeds. These facilities perfectly match those that a good swinger club should include but their provision requires a special treatment licence from the local authority. Our first step is to apply for this licence. There would then be a period of renovating the premises.
There are two floors, covering an are 4200 square feet. On the ground floor, we would create a reception area leading into a lounge of about 500 square feet. This would leave downstairs space for a sauna, jacuzzis and massage rooms. The upper floor will be converted into themed playrooms.
This is the perfect time for planning and licensing applications to start. It could mean a new swinger club for Scotland opening at the same time the corona virus lockdowns are lifted. Our members are already using this period of restricted activities to make full use of swinger dating to ensure they have swing-partners to attend parties with as soon as things get back to normal.


Scotland's unique online swinger club

It is quite common for online dating sites to cater for people who are looking for no strings, casual sex in a specific geographic area. There are not so many specializing in what we call Swinger Dating and even fewer link that up with providing real swinger parties. That is exactly what we do at Club Aphrodite and that is why our membership of genuine swingers in Scotland far exceeds that of any other site. We help our members in Scotland to hook up with swinger partners and attend swinger parties.

Experienced and Novice Swingers

Club Aphrodite caters for experienced swingers who have enjoyed many years in the lifestyle. But we are equally welcoming to novice swingers - single and couples who have never enjoyed swinging relationships. Our Scottish membership is a well balanced mixture of both novice and experienced. They range from those wanting to attend no-hold-barred sex orgies to people who prefer to find private threesomes or couple swaps or even longer term swinging relationships.

Discreet and secure

Our online swingers club ensures total discretion and treats your online security as a top priority at all times Our customer support team is here to help and advise you 24/7. They carefully check all profiles to ensure a safe swinging with real people.

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