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FFM 3Somes For Bi-Females

This page is aimed mainly at bisexual females who want to enjoy a swinger lifestyle, especially in participating regularly in FFM type threesomes.
It explores how single bi-females can easily hook up with swinger couples for FFM threesome fun and guides the way through the more complicated process of finding other bi-females and then together hooking up with the right single male.

A bi-females guide to swinging threesomes

Swinger Couples and Bi-Females

The bi-sexual single female who is interested in participating in threesome sex with swinger couples, should have no difficulty in finding potential partners from the hundreds of couple profiles posted on swinger dating sites like ours.
The majority of swinger couples enjoy threesomes of the FFM variety. One of the reasons for this is because many couples get into the swinger lifestyle partly because the female of the couple-partnership is either fully bi-sexual or at least bi-curious. Most profiles will specify this.
The challenge for the single female comes after identifying the potential couples. Which ones to meet, where to meet them and how to structure the meeting are the issues which will need to be considered the most carefully.
Advice on the question of where to meet and how to structure the meeting is given in other sections of our swinger lifestyle guide: Keys to a Successful Swinger Lifestyle.
Choosing who to meet is about sifting through the profiles with care. Start off by eliminating all of the ones that do not match your main criteria (e.g. age group, geographical location, physical and sexual attributes etc.). Next, draw up a short-list of the ones you like the most - probably around five will be enough to allow for not-interested and fail-to-show-up types. Then send messages to suggest meetings with them.
If all goes well from the resulting meetings, you will have formed a good starting relationship with at least one couple whose partnership includes a genuine bi-sexual female and who are most definitely interested in participating in a threesome with you. All that remains is for you to agree where and when the first threesome should take place. It might even be that you go right ahead with a session at the first meeting itself!

Finding Another Bi-female for a 3some

To find another bi-female who is interested in partnering you in threesomes might sometimes prove a little more difficult. Many of our single bi-females members are more likely to be more interested in having 1-2-1 sex with you.
Check this out with a free browse of some of those from your local area - see below:

Whilst you could form a relationship on this basis and find that with time your partner is happy to experiment with the inclusion of a male for a threesome session, it might be that she never wants to try it and even if she does, it turns out to be only as a one off.
The way to increase the possibilities of hooking up with the right kind of bi-female who will enthusiastically join you on your quest for threesome fun, is to be less restrictive in your criteria when you sift through bi-female profiles.
Consider searching a wider geographical area and being less demanding about some of your preferred physical attributes. Also be prepared to be more patient and wait longer for the right person to come along.
For the best possible results, search for swinger couples and single bi-females simultaneously and if necessary continue the search for single females after you have found your first swinger couple.

Finding the Right Male to Complete the 3some

Once you have found a bi-sexual female who shares your desire to enjoy the swinger lifestyle and participate in regular threesome fun, it is time to start searching for the right male to join you both.
As in the case of finding couples, you should have no difficulty in finding male profiles that look as though they might represent the perfect male for completing your threesome. There will inevitably have to be a lot of sifting out to be done however and you might easily feel you are so spoilt for choice that the task seems an almost Herculaneum one.
However, this time you are not alone and before you even begin looking at profiles, yours and your partner's criteria will have been carefully discussed and merged to form a joint one that should be rigorously applied to eliminate all but the most suitable candidates.
Doing the profile sifting together can be a lot of fun and the resulting meetings even more so. Indeed, the sense of control and excitement two females can derive from holding a meeting designed to select their joint sexual partner, can be so exhilarating that there is a danger of it scaring off an otherwise perfect candidate.
"Ah but then", I hear you say, "He wouldn't really be perfect would he?"

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