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Dress style for swinger parties and swinger dating

This section of our swinger lifestyle guide is for single males who are new to the scene and are unsure about what to wear when attending swinger parties or going on swinger dates. The advice given is aimed at helping guys ensure their appearance is likely to be attractive to both single females and swinger couples.

How to Attract Other Swingers

First rule of swinger dating dress

The single male swinger's first rule of dressing is to wear things that suit his personality. If you are a flamboyant person by nature, then by all means reflect this in what you wear for your swinger dating hook-ups and swinger parties. If you are a quieter type, it is better not to go to over-the-top in your dress-style. Always bear in mind that you will get more attention the more outrageous you dress but you need to be able to handle that kind of attention.

Swingers dress for pleasure

The swinger lifestyle is all about pleasure so it makes sense to reflect this in your dress style. Wearing a suit and tie as if you were attending a business meeting when you are going on a swinger-date, is not the most appropriate way of dressing. So in a nutshell; be smart but be casual.

The time of year and weather will obviously influence your choice of dress but it is always important to wear clothes that fit well. The ultimate goal of a swinger date or sex party is to end up naked so providing you have the body for it, you should be giving a preview of what's to follow by wearing tight fitting clothes.

Swingers near you who dress for pleasure:

Shoes are the first things she notices

Your choice of shoes are very important and many people claim that they are the first thing that women notice about a man's appearance. Whether this is always true, it is certainly worth assuming that women will take a lot of notice of what shoes you are wearing. It's not only the type of shoes you wear that matters, it is how that match up with the rest of what you are wearing. Always wear a pair of good quality ones that complement the rest of your attire because consciously or unconsciously, you will be judged by your choice of footwear!


Jackets are always good for a man's image. Even if you are going out for a swinger date on a hot summer evening, carrying a jacket over your shoulder looks better than not having one at all. A jacket can put the finishing touches to the rest of your attire, bringing it together as a complete outfit to entrance your date. Add to all this the practical benefit of having something to look after those, not infrequent occasions when the weather suddenly turns chilly, and a jacket becomes the most indispensable item of clothing a man has at his disposal.


There are no golden rules about what trousers to wear but here again, women will notice poorly matched dress and a lack of quality. If you are going to choose denim, darker shades are a safer bet than lighter ones so ere on the side of fairly plain styles. Remember what we said earlier about fit; your trousers are the best opportunity to show it off, so go for a nice tight style if you have something worth revealing. Good quality jeans are perfectly acceptable in most situations. Its hard to remember the last sex party we saw with a dress code forbidding jeans but always read the rules, just in case. Similarly, observe convention if you are arranging a swinger date in an upmarket restaurant or similar establishment.


A good quality, button-up shirt always looks good on most men and has one big advantage when attending swinger parties or swinger dates where sex is on the agenda; they are easy to gracefully remove. Women love to do the unbuttoning and assist with a shirts removal. Somehow pulling a T-shirt over your head doesn't have quite the same elegance and eroticism. Otherwise, if you are a T-shirt person and as long as convention and dress code allow it, wear one but ensure it is of good quality and never wear graphic T-shirts. However funny or apt you might feel your favourite graphic and slogan are, the chances are, your date won't! The same goes for video game T-shirts, rock band T-shirts and football shirts.

A swingers accessories

Finally, a word about accessories. Do wear a scent but be careful not to overdo it and as with clothing, don't go for cheap quality stuff. A bit of jewellery looks nice on any man but big flashy stuff usually has a negative effect on most women.

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