Swinging in Sussex - Clubs and Alternatives

Sussex Swinger Clubs Once Numerous

Swinger clubs were once numerous in Sussex. Until fairly recently, there were two that were renowned nationally throughout the swinger lifestyle community. These were; Skinny Dippers in Brighton and Club Liberty in the Sussex countryside, near to Haywards Heath. Sadly, you can still find many dubious swinger web-sites with references, dead-links and even fake reviews for both of these, once excellent, swinger party venues.

Skinny Dippers lasted the longest and was the most famous. It was a very large, private house that hosted regular swinger events on a grand scale. Its facilities included a superb indoor swimming pool, a dance area, and playrooms.

Club Liberty was a swingers club that also functioned as a naturist spa. It was especially popular on warm summer days because it had a beautiful outdoor heated swimming pool. Imaginative and well organised, themed swinger and fetish events were a speciality that attracted swinger couples and singles from all over the U.K.

New Brighton Swingers Club

Since closure of the above, there have been hopes that a new swingers club would open in Brighton.
A web-site: swingersclub77.co.uk was lauched in 2009. It's owners claimed that they were opening a new club named, Swingers Club 77 in 2010 and even invited site-visitors to: "Visit this site regularly for details of our grand opening".
Sadly, nothing came of it, other than sparking several adult dating web-sites into publishing further fake news of the club's opening and continuing existence. Most of these sites are still carrying this misleading information today in 2022. Without exception, their links to the club lead only to a This site can’t be reached page.

Private Swinger Parties

Despite the disappointing decline in swinger clubs in Sussex, there is no lack of swinger parties and swinger dating throughout the county.

Sussex is as active a county as it always been where swinging is concerned. But these days, most of it goes on behind the closed doors of private residences. Inevitably, this makes swinger parties smaller, more intimate affairs with guests mainly being selected by invitation.

We usually have members who regularly organise and host parties in their homes and although these will mostly be for couples, some mixed-singles-couples parties are also arranged. There are networks which operate by taking turns in hosting and there are also swinging events held in hired facilities such as hotels and holiday-let cottages etc.

In addition to sex parties, Sussex swingers enjoy hook-ups for threesomes, dogging and wife-swapping. Their swinging lifestyle is made possible by our online swinger dating site which provides them with hundreds of adult contacts throughout Sussex and beyond.

Swinger Couples Party - Lewes

A swinger couple party which took place in Lewes serves as a good example of a typical, private house, member-hosted event.

Nine couples attended. Most had been to several swinger parties in the past but at least three couples were completely new to the swing-scene. Two of the ladies wore very revealing lingerie but the remainder were dressed fairly conventionally. The action didn't take off until quite late on and one couple left before anything happening. They were not convinced by the hostess's attempts to reassure them that things would start happening before much longer. It turned out that her prediction was correct and the couples who stayed enjoyed plenty of good sex from there on. The majority participated in full sex partner swapping but one or two preferred to restrict their activities to same room sex with own partner only. Their wishes were totally respected by everyone else.

Mixed Singles-Couples Example

More recently, in a private residence in Shoreham, a party attended by seven couples, two single females and five single males took place. On this occasion, most of the women arrived in very revealing costumes and one couple were exhibitionist naturists who stripped off completely as soon as they turned up. The two single females came together and were bi-sexuals who had a long standing open relationship. The single guys were a mixture of newcomers and more experienced swingers. The couples had all been to mixed events previously. The ages of the guests ranged from early 30s to late 50s. There was a lot of hard group action involving almost everyone but the naturist couple and one of the single men didn't appear to join in very much, preferring to enjoy voyeurism it seemed.

Plenty more swinging like these examples

Our members enjoy many events like the two described above. There is plenty of other swinging adult fun to be had in all districts of Sussex. You can sign up for free and start making contact with sexy singles and swinger couples to arrange adult dates, threesomes, soft-swing meetings, foursomes, group-sex parties.

The Sussex Swingers Community and Dogging

Some members of the Sussex swingers community enjoy dogging. Here are eight spots that are popular with them: