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A swinger club for Cambridgeshire

Members of our online swinger club, enjoy the swinging lifestyle in most parts of Cambridgeshire, especially in the larger urban areas such as Cambridge itself. They enjoy the lifestyle in a variety of often overlapping activities which can be summarised as; having sex - though not necessarily penetrative sex - with multiple casual partners. For our couple members, swinging encounters are mostly with other, like-minded couples but a significant minority of them swing with both single males and bi-females. Our single male and female members enjoy sexual encounters with other singles and with couples.

The core activity for singles who want to get started in the swinger lifestyle are one-on-one encounters with multiple casual partners. These twosome hookups often lead to forming "swing-partnerships", and thereby open the doors to threesomes, foursomes and swinger parties. In fact, many of our couple members started out as single members and changed their membership status to "Couple" when a relationship became more permanent.

On the other hand, some singles prefer to connect directly with couples instead and this works fine too.

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Swinger Parties

Swinger parties create the perfect stage for many couples and singles to explore their desires, and build some seriously erotic connections but a popular myth and media presentation of swinging is that it is all about swinger parties where "wife swapping" is the main activity. Ask any of our members here in Cambridgeshire, or anywhere else for that matter, and they will tell you that swinger parties are, in reality only a small part of the lifestyle, and that the so-called, "wife swapping" type of sex party is a virtually non-existent event!

The types of swinger party that are ever popular in Cambridgeshire range from small, full-on encounters where everyone joins in the action, to larger but softer swing experiences where its okay to just watch or socialize without participating. Soft swing-parties provide private, lockable rooms for couple-on-couple sex, whilst the hard swing variety discourage the locking of rooms.

The venues for the most popular and successful swinger parties are upmarket, private houses. The houses are nearly always the homes of existing members and are mainly in rural locations throughout the county.

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Other Swinging Activities

In addition to swinging encounters and full-blown, swinger parties, our members in Cambridgeshire also enjoy:

Social-only gatherings - Usually held in pubs or hired rooms, these are a great way of getting to know local swingers as a prelude to organising more adventurous events.

Erotic Dining - These are exclusive swinger dinner parties usually attended by two to four couples. in homes that have suitable space and facilities. There is also a Cambridge based single who often does the cooking. He is affectionately known as "The Naked Chef"!

Whatever aspects of swinging you choose to participate in and wherever you live in Cambridgeshire, you will receive a super warm welcome from our passionate network of local members. Their experience of the lifestyle ranges from complete beginners to seasoned swingers who have been with us for years, and in some cases, even decades! By joining them today you can begin making all the connections you need to fulfil your wildest dreams and erotic desires.

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Club Aphrodite's Unique History

In 1996, when Club Aphrodite started as a postal-based, adult dating club, only a few of our founder members lived in Cambridgeshire and the nearest party venue for them was initially in Tiptree, Essex. By the end of the 20th century, we had a huge membership spread all over the country with many very active, Cambridgeshire based couples and singles. Regular swinger parties, were being held in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk and these were all well attended by our Cambridgeshire members.

In 2004 a large country house, owned by one of our single-male members, and situated right on the border between Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire started holding regular parties. Around eighty guests would turn up for a party every month. They catered for the less adventurous swingers as well as those wanting a more full-on experience. Towards the end of the decade, the venue was substantially extended with facilities such as a jacuzzi and sauna being added. Eventually, it evolved into a fee-charging "Adult Entertainment Club". It still hold swinger events which some of our members like to attend now and then.

Club Aphrodite is unique in the way it seamlessly brings together casual singles dating, swinger-couples dating, threesome encounters and swinger parties. We've come a long way since 1996 and a lot of things have changed. One thing that hasn't is our commitment to our members. We take their privacy very seriously and never use social media logins. Our priority is to always ensure that nothing will be linked to you. All membership profiles go through a rigorous verification process, ensuring that they belong to genuine people who are seeking genuine adult fun. Basic membership is free but most members like what they find and decide to upgrade to VIP status. When they do, we make sure that our site name won't show up on their bank information, keeping the whole process completely discreet.