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Swingers parties in Norwich

Enjoy a swinging weekend in Norwich

Swingers party in the evening

Enjoy a swinging weekend in Norwich and attend a swingers party in the evening. The venue is a lovely house that has been hosting superb swinger parties for some time now.

In addition to swinging, you should find plenty to do. Norwich is a very historic city with many places of interest to visit in the daytime and some perfect rendezvous for adult dating in the evening. At one time it was the largest city in England with a population that exceeded London's. Even today it is a big enough city to ensure that there are more than enough adult contacts to enjoy the swinging lifestyle with!

Swinger parties for smaller groups

Sometimes smaller, more intimate parties provide a more enjoyable, fun-packed evening than larger events. This venue in Norwich is a private house that caters for up to 50 people.
Swinging in a Norwich house Everyone is welcome and newcomers are not made to feel that they are under any pressure to join in with more experienced swingers.

Bring a bottle but enjoy the free nibbles

Like most house parties a lot of the early fun centres around nibbles and drinks in the kitchen (as opposed to the other sort of nibbles that happen elsewhere and later on) Soft drinks and a light buffet are provided but you will need to bring your own alcohol.

Dress conventionally and undress later

As your arrival can easily be seen by others in the road, it is better to dress conventionally in smart casual attire. But don't let that put you off, you'll be most welcome to change into some lingerie or strip off completely as soon as you like after arrival.

Free Parking and good quality local hotels

There is plenty of free street parking and because we have a good list of quality hotels you can try for nearby accommodation.

Monthly swinger parties

Parties are held on Saturday evenings and there is usually one every month. They need to be booked in advance and are open to our members

For more details and dates of forthcoming swinger fun in Norwich, you will need to join Club Aphrodite and view the members events calendar.