Club Aphrodite London Swingers

Swinging in Docklands for Couples and Singles

The swingerlifestyle for London swingers

Swinger couples and singles in London enjoy the swingerlifestyle in a variety of environments. As well as attending commercially run, swinger party venues and swinger clubs, they also enjoy sex in their own homes, hotels and rented apartments.

For most swinger couples, wife (or partner) swapping is the preferred activity but many go further than this to include single males, bi-sexual females or even an extra couple for orgy-like group sex.

However, like their counterparts elsewhere, a sizeable minority of London swinger couples prefer less adventurous activities. These are more likely to be couples than single males and their preference is often described as "Soft Swinging".

In reality, soft swinging ranges from risqué socializing to sexual activities that go as far as performing oral sex with the other couple but drawing the line at having full sex with one's own partner.

All of these degrees of swinging are perfectly acceptable at most venues and our members in London and elsewhere will find plenty of like-minded couples and singles who match their own preferences.

A luxury apartment for sophisticated swinger couples in London

This London swinger party venue is a private luxury apartment in the Docklands area.
It is located about 5 minutes walk from Royal Victoria Docklands Light Railway.
Swingers view of London Docklands The apartment is rented out on a one night basis whenever a party is organised. The rental expense is shared by those attending and can therefore vary according to the number of guests. However, considering its location, the rental costs are remarkably inexpensive, so contributions usually work out less than £30.

Swinger couples parties

Typically, London swinger couples events usually cater for around 35 couples. These are strictly for swinger couples only and single males will not be invited.

Mixed single / couples events

Mixed singles / couples parties are usually bigger than swinger events. Couples who attend are those who are comfortable about swinging with the inclusion of single guys. Invitations are available to single males who are well turned out, take a pride in their appearance and are respectful and sensitive to the wishes of female / couple guests.

Greedy Girls parties

Greedy Girl events are aimed at couples and single females who enjoy the attentions of males in a ratio of around 3:1. It is equally important that the single males who attend are comfortable with this ratio. Invitations are only issued to guys who respect women are are sensitive to their wishes. It is essential that they are well turned out and have high standards of personal hygiene.

Who attends the London swinging parties

London swinger couples, single females and single males all attend events. Typically, guests are aged between 23 and 55 from the London area. They are generally body conscious couples and singles, who take pride in maintaining their physical appearance, health and fitness.
They are likely to be people who enjoy high standards of personal hygiene and who enjoy a reasonably good standard of living.
London swinger parties cater for all levels of experience and especially welcome newcomers to the swinglifestyle.