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Enjoy the swinger lifestyle in London

Our London community of swinger couples and singles enjoy the swinger lifestyle in a variety of ways. As well as attending commercially run, swinger party venues and swinger clubs like the ones featured below, our members also enjoy partying in their own homes, hotels and rented apartments.

For most swinger couples, polyamorous sex is about partner swapping but many go further than this to include single males, bi-sexual females for threesomes or more participants for orgy-like, group sex.

For others, their enjoyment of the lifestyle has more bounds, and some of our couple-members who attend parties limit their involvement to what is often referred to as "Soft Swinging". Soft swinging embraces sexual activities which can go as far as having oral sex with the other couple's partner but engaging in full penetrative sex is restricted to one's own partner only.

All of these degrees of swinging are perfectly acceptable at most venues and our members in London will find plenty of like-minded couples and singles who match their own preferences at nearly all London parties .

More than just swinger parties

But our swinger club is much more than just swinger parties. In fact, many of our members do not get involved in the London's swinger party scene at all. Instead, they prefer to date and meet up in private to enjoy adventurous casual sex in more conventional ways.

Our London swingers community is a mixture of couples and singles. They range from those who are totally new to swinging to very experienced lifestyle swingers. Nervous newcomers and first time seekers of adult fun are always made to feel welcome and our more experienced members are usually well versed in helping others to overcome their first-time nerves.

Swinger couples parties in Docklands

This London swinger party venue is a private luxury apartment in the Docklands area.
It is located about 5 minutes walk from Royal Victoria Docklands Light Railway.
The apartment is rented out on a one night basis whenever a party is organised. The rental expense is shared by those attending and can therefore vary according to the number of guests.

Typically, Dockland's swinger couples parties cater for around 35 couples. Single males without participating female partners are not invited. But if you are a single male this is no reason to despair, because by joining our London swingers club you will be able to contact single female members to attend couples parties with. We have hundreds of single female swingers in every area of London who enjoy swinger party action. So our single guys are able to attend swinger parties with different partners whenever they wish.
You can sign up for free and start finding sexy partners for swinger parties immediately.

Mixed singles / couples events in Barking

Our London swinging community also enjoy Mixed Singles / Couples Parties. An example of a popular venue that has this kind of party is a large, five-bedroom house in Barking. It is owned by couple-members, Jack and Lauren. Although the venue is semi-detached, the neighbours of the adjoining house also happen to be a lifestyle couple who were already swinging with Jack and Lauren before they started hosting parties. Consequently, they often like to pop round to join in the party fun! Members who attend these and other mixed events are comfortable about swinging with the inclusion of single guys, and this kind of party might not suit people who need a couples-only environment.

Who attends London swinging parties

Typically, the members who attend swinging parties in London are aged between 23 and 55. There is nearly always a broad spectrum of ethnic diversity, representative of London's population as a whole. Similarly, a wide-ranging of backgrounds, interests and occupational types will usually be represented. Party goers tend to be people who take pride in maintaining their physical appearance, health and fitness and who enjoy high standards of personal hygiene. London swinger parties cater for all levels of experience and especially welcome newcomers to the swinglifestyle.

London’s Supportive Swinger Club Community

Club Aphrodite provides a safe, discreet and welcoming environment for singles and couples to explore their ultimate sexual fantasies and desires. Members can participate in experiences ranging from, one-to-one sex dating to threesome encounters, private swinging and swinger parties. Your comfort levels and limits will always be respected. Our membership-base in London is diverse and reflects the mix of the general population, ensuring that the club always has something for everyone. The community's supportive nature fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect. We cater for the needs of both couples and singles, so if you're looking to explore the exciting world of swinging, joining Club Aphrodite offers an unrivalled way of doing so.

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