What goes on at swinger clubs and sex parties

Different types of sex parties

Swinger clubs and other venues hold several types of sex parties. The most common examples are swinger parties for couples only, mixed singles/couples parties, greedy-girl parties and soft-swing parties.

The different types of sex party held at swinger clubs, private homes, hotels and other venues, may have different levels of appeal to different people.

This is because people have diverse sexual fantasies and something which appeals to one person may be quite unappealing or even objectionable to another. A very common example is found amongst swinger couples, where some couples hate the idea of unaccompanied males being present when they are swinging. At the other end of the scale there are couples who prefer to go to parties and swinger clubs where an excess of single men attend and participate.
The same thing applies to swinger dating. We have couple members who stipulate that they only want to meet other couples but there are many others in every area who love to hook up with singles for threesomes and also to go to parties and clubs with them for larger group fun. Find swinger couples and singles in your area

Swinger Couples Parties

Swinger couples parties are parties for couples only. Single males may be able to attend if they use our swinger dating site to hook-up with a partner.
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Mixed Sex Parties

These are popular with couples who enjoy events where single males participate and group sex occurs in uneven combinations of couples, females, and males.
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Greedy Girl Parties

Greedy Girl Parties is the name given to events attended by women who enjoy the attentions of several males at a time.
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Meet some members who enjoy swinger partes and mixed parties:

Gang Bangs

Gang-Bangs are very similar to Greedy-Girl parties except that there will always be only one female receiving the attentions of several males at a time.
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Reverse Gang Bangs

A reverse gang-bang is a relatively rare type of sex party where one male enjoys the attentions of a group of females.
Reverse gang-bangs are often arranged as birthday treats or as presents from liberated swinger couple females for their partners. It can be surprisingly easy to recruit enthusiastic women for such an event but the question to consider is whether your guy has the necessary stamina and restraint!

Bukakke Parties

Bukakke features one female with a group of males. In its purest or original form - it does not allow physical contact between the participants. Instead the female will adopt seductive postures to encourage her voyeuristic admirers to masturbate and climax over her. The woman's face and upper body are the targets for Bukakke in its more traditional form but some women allow men to come over their stomachs and genital areas as well.

Soft Swing Parties

You may want to get into the adult fun scene but still feel a little unsure about attending adult parties and joining in with group sex....
If so Soft Swing Parties may be the solution.

Swinger Dining

Swinger Dining is the ultimate combination of sexual and gastronomic pleasure. Champagne, wine and imaginative food, are served accompanied by at the table foreplay and after meal group sex.

Naturist Swinger Events

The majority of swingers are not naturists and the majority of naturists are not swingers. But this leaves a significant minority of people who are both.
Naturist swingers like to enjoy sex parties which are attended by people who enjoy being naked from their arrival until their departure.
They also like to enjoy outdoor swinging at places like remote beaches, heath land and forests. Naturist swinger resorts exist to accommodate this desire for naked outdoor sex.
They can be found in the Caribbean, Mexico, U.S.A. and nearer to home in France: (Cap d'agde)and Vera Playa in Spain

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