Our swinger community on Tyneside

Swingers love partying in and around Newcastle

Where swinger parties are held

On Tyneside, the swinger community like to party and meet regularly in private residences. From the city of Newcastle and its suburbs to villages like Bothal and Stamfordham, Club Aphrodite's swinger members meet up for the best adult fun you'll experience anywhere.

Their meetings range from very intimate, all action, group sex; to relaxed, social or soft-swing get-togethers for first-timers and less adventurous couples and singles.

As usual, most of our members who prefer these gentle introductions to the swinger scene, soon want to move on onto full-blown swinger parties, greedy girl events or other opportunities to enjoy group sex.

Warm and friendly hosting

The first thing you will notice when you enter this venue is the warm and friendly reception. The host and hostess take an amazing amount of effort to help everyone feel welcome and relaxed. Even a nervous newcomer will soon feel completely at ease, just as though you had known all the regulars for ages. There is no pressure for anybody to get involved sexually and some people simply use the event as a means of making new friends. The single guys who attend are very polite and respectful. None of them are the least bit pushy.

Some of Tyneside's swingers

Single Men in the Swinger Community

The swinger lifestyle is dominated by couples and single females, so where does that leave single men?

The good news is that there is always plenty of opportunities for the right kind of single guy to enjoy involvement in Tyneside's swinging community. The bad news for the wrong kind of guy is that he will soon find himself ostracised from it.

So what do we mean by the "right kind" and "wrong kind" of single men? The wrong kind are those that that have a misogynistic attitude and an arrogant belief that every couple and single female should welcome their attention. This is the kind of guy who expects a swinger club to let him in by right and allow him to join in any group sex that he finds there.

The right kind of men are those who respect women and understands that some couples are only interested in swinging with other couples and that some women's main interest in swinging is to enjoy bi-sexual relationships. From this basis, the right kind of single guy will understand that fully participating in the swinging community requires him to build relationships over a period of time. Using our online swinger club's facilities, he will patiently seek out the couples that are interested in threesomes and the single females who are interested in partnering males for all the activities of the swinger community, including participation in parties, group sex and swinger club events. This approach will ensure success in the long run.

Whether you are male, female or a couple, joining the local swinger community on Tyneside is guaranteed to provide the best adult fun you've ever enjoyed.