Club Aphrodite and Soft Swinging

What is meant by soft swinging

Soft swinging is a fairly vaguely defined term that can mean different things to different people. For some it can mean as little as flirting with another couple and sharing fantasies with them about the prospects of partner swapping. For others, it might mean attending swinger parties and being titillated by the erotically charged atmosphere and voyeuristic pleasure, waiting until returning home to have sex in private and alone with one's own partner.

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Same Room Sex Only

For many more, soft swinging is about having Same Room Sex Only. In other words, full sex partner swapping is taboo. Within this category, a number of variations about what is and what isn't okay to do with the other person's partner may exist. These might range from no physical contact at all to everything except intercourse and including oral sex.

Soft Swing for Newcomers

It is not unusual for couples who are considering getting into the swinger lifestyle, to feel a little uneasy about attending parties. They often seek a soft-swing introduction where they can feel confident that they can avoid joining in with group sex or getting into partner swap situations before they are ready to.

The easiest solution is to use our swinger dating site to hook-up with other soft-swing-couples for private liaisons and not to consider attending swinger parties until you are ready to do so. There are bound to be plenty of similarly minded couples in your local area so using this method to discover whether the swinger-lifestyle is right for you or not is a good idea.

However, some soft-swing-couples do not want to put off their first swinger party in this way. For them the safety in numbers feeling outweighs the advantages of swinger dating. Also, the curiosity factor demands that the first party visit is not to be deferred.

Attending a Soft-Swing Party

For couples like this, the solution is to attend a Soft-Swing Party. These are events where the emphasis is on the socialising and where not too much happens sexually. That isn't to say that NOTHING ever happens. At such events there are always opportunities to find a private room to enjoy some intimate adult fun.

However, the majority of mainstream swinger parties are welcoming of soft-swing-couples and at these it is perfectly acceptable for people not to take part in any sexual activity if they do not want to. This makes it largely unnecessary to wait for a soft-swingers party to go to. Just check out the description of the swinger party you select. Ideally, ensure that it is a couples-only event as these are more likely to have a soft-swing feel.

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