Central London swinger parties & swinging events for singles

Exclusive Swinger Parties

Central London has always been a key area for swingers to get together and enjoy all aspects of the lifestyle, whether by way of twosomes, threesomes, foursomes or swinger parties. As a result, a thriving and dynamic swingers' community of Club Aphrodite members has flourished there for many years. Most of them live in or around London but parties held in London can attract members from a much wider area. Within the central area, party venues are virtually always hired premises such as clubs and short-term-let apartments. Hotel rooms and suites have also been hired on occasions. Those members who independently organize and host swinger parties, do so because of their enthusiasm for the lifestyle and not for any financial gain. Their friendly and welcoming attitude extends to all, irrespective of their level of experience within the swinging subculture. Over the years, the most popular events have been the exclusive swinger parties held in rented apartments. They are attended mainly by swinger couples and single females. Some events also extend an invitation to a select quota of single males. However, the best way for single male members to get invited is for them to hook-up with single female members. This is easily done by using our unique swinger dating platform.
Finding a partner, is just the start single guys need to get into the swinger lifestyle. There is no need to be nervous about attending your first party, you'll find that the hosts introduce you to the other guests and make sure that you're making new friends right for the word go.

Typically, parties adopt the following protocol:

  • What goes on: The swinging events offer something for everyone. Plenty of group sex, bi-sex, one-on-one, threesomes and more but don’t worry you won’t be expected to participate in anything that is not to your taste. The whole idea with all swinging activities is that you have a look around, join in where you want to, just watch, or ignore them completely. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Days and times: Saturdays evenings, starting around 8.30pm and finishing in the early hours of Sunday mornings is the most usual schedule. Sometimes, there are Friday afternoons or early evening parties to cater for city workers who commute weekly into London. These events will have an earlier finish than Saturday ones.
  • Dress Code: Usually, the dress code at swinger parties in central London is smart-casual for men. Ladies wear as little as they dare, the sexier the better. In practice this ranges from evening dress to the skimpiest underwear.

Swinging must always be consensual

In our vibrant swinger community, we uphold a steadfast commitment to ensuring that the essence of the lifestyle remains respectful and consensual. We emphasize unequivocally that coercion or any form of pressure, particularly towards women, has no place in any of our gatherings. We ardently believe in empowering women to take the lead at every juncture of the swinging experience. Our ethos resolutely rejects any remnants of outdated, misogynistic attitudes that may linger in certain quarters of the lifestyle. We stand as guardians against such perspectives, fostering an environment where mutual respect abounds for every participant of the swinger lifestyle. By joining Club Aphrodite, you will be entering into a culture of enthusiastic consent and mutual enjoyment, firmly rooted in the principles of equality and empowerment. Together, we cultivate an atmosphere where everyone's boundaries are honoured, and the shared pursuit of pleasure is guided by respect and understanding.