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Getting into the Swinger Lifestyle

Easy Access to London's Swinger Lifestyle

There are few places on earth where it is easier for wannabe swingers to get started than in London.

But before looking more closely at things like swinger clubs and venues that exist in London, let us consider what is meant by the term; Swinger Lifestyle.

Like most definitions, the term can mean slightly different things to different people but it is mostly used in a more narrow way than we are using it here. The narrow definition really boils down to standing for regular Couple Swinging or Partner Swapping Sex.
Here we are using it in a much broader sense which includes singles as well as couples. Someone who lives the swinger lifestyle by this broader definition will regularly participate in any of following sexual activities:
Threesome sex (FFM or MMF), partner swapping in privately arranged foursome dates, partner swapping at private swinger parties and at swinger clubs, group-sex involving more than four people including both singles and couples - again this might be in private premises or at swinger clubs or even in hotels and rented apartments.
In a nushell; any adventurous sexual activity on a regular basis, involving more than two people.

First Steps to Swinging

Whether you are a swinger couple or someone who doesn't currently have a partner who swings, the first step to embarking on the swinger lifestyle in London is to get to know other like-minded people. The second step is build or join an existing swinger-lifestyle-network. The third step is to receive invitations to swinging events, attend them and participate.

The easiest way to success in all three of these steps is to join an online swinger dating club, like ours, that has hundreds of active London members.

The first step after joining as a couple is to make contact with and arrange dates with other couples.
For singles it is a good idea to arrange dates with other singles and also with couples. You can use both types of relationship in different ways. When dating other singles your main objective should be to look for someone who will accompany you as a genuine, participative partner to swinger clubs, parties or partner swapping sessions with couples. When meeting couples, your aim is to get introductions to the private swinger party scene and to swinger clubs who only admit singles who are sponsored by or vouched for by regular couples.

South West London swinger club parties

There is a private club in the Battersea area of London. It is easy to find and to reach by both private and public transport.
The venue offers a unique experience for London swingers and people from other areas. It has a luxurious, yet decidedly hedonistic decor that was carefully and artistically sculpted for the pleasure of those who enjoy the swinger-liestyle This superb London swinger parties venue is a place for upmarket and attractive people who are sexually liberated to cum and mingle with like-minded company. Here, they can safely experiment and extend their sensual experiences, enjoying

Swingers dance pole and Jacuzzi

The venue has just about everything a party venue needs and consists of:

  • An incredibly beautiful lounge and bar area
  • A dance pole for the swinger ladies who enjoy showing off their assets
  • A suite of very erotic swinger playrooms including private rooms for shrinking violets who not yet ready for the ultimate adult fun experience of more-some group sex
  • Themed rooms
  • Count Dracula's bedroom - a gothic themed room
  • A dimly lit room and 'grope rooms'
  • A well equipped dungeon for the more fetish minded players
  • Free lockers and safe parking areas

Weekly swinger couples parties

Swinger couples parties are strictly for couples but there are also plenty of mixed nights that single males may attend. Fetish parties are also held frequently