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Getting the best from Sex Parties

Club Aphrodite helps members to arrange their own sex parties. This provides them with a great opportunity to get the very best from swinger party fun because they get to choose what goes on, who attends and where and when the events take place. As a member, you will be able to promote your parties on our events calendar and send out invitations to other members who you would like to attend.

Finding a suitable venue for holding a sex party is easy in the Southwark area of London. There are many fabulous apartments that can be rented on a short term or even one night basis for as little as £200 per night. The cost is easily recouped by asking for guests to contribute.

An example of how one member arranged very popular and successful sex parties in the Southwark area, using this method is described below (See also right on larger devices).

Sex Parties Perfect for Singles

One of our members rented a Southwark apartment on a long term basis and hosted regular sex parties, for singles and adventurous swinger couples.

The events were perfect for singles with upmarket tastes, looking for like-minded company in elegant surroundings. Some were held in the daytime, for the convenience of city workers, and there were also regular evening parties

Adventurous swinger couples were always welcome to attend but the group sex was always likely to have an excess of single males participating.

Southwark Sex Party Venue Example

The Southwark sex parties described above took place in a very upmarket, large, apartment situated just a few minutes walk from Waterloo Station. It had four bedrooms on three floors connected by spiral staircases.

In the 40' x 30' master bedroom there was a Kingsize double bed and a "Love Swing". Above this a mezzanine floor supported a Super Kingsize double bed. The other two bedrooms contained both Kingsize and ordinary size double beds. There were shower rooms and ensuite bathrooms. The lounge was a very relaxing and roomy area which joined a smaller kitchen area where buffet and soft drinks were served.

Apartments exactly like the one described are available for short term letting and some of our members rent them for exclusive weekend parties on an occasional basis.

Attend Parties and have Swinger Dating Fun

Even if you don't want to host your own sex parties the Southwark area of London, as a VIP member you will still be able to attend them. Enjoy the best in adult dating by ensuring that your profile clearly informs other members that you are seeking sex party invitations.

Threesomes, Soft Swinging and Foursome Fun

Not everyone wants to attend events and there is plenty of alternative swinger fun to be had from adult dating in Southwark as well as in other areas of London.

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