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Southampton Swinger Party Venues and Adult Dating

Swinger Dating and Regular Swinger Parties

Member Hosted Parties in Hythe

The Southampton area has an enormous membership of swinger couples and singles. It continues to grow every year. Our members enjoy regular swinger parties and other adult dating fun at a wide variety of venues in both urban and suburban locations.

One of our most enthusiastic and busiest swinger-party hosts are Sian and Neil. They are a couple who have been throwing some of the horniest events you'll ever get to attend, in their beautiful home in Hythe for four years now.

They are usually mixed couple / single events with male:female ratio being controlled by selection. Typically, this means inviting 10-12 couples, 4-6 single females and a matching number of single males. As with all sex parties, some people fail to turn up; even after confirming. At Sian and Neil's events the proportion of non-arrivals varies between 10 and 20 per cent.

The swinging usually gets going following an hour or so of socializing in the kitchen and lounge. For couples who prefer private foursomes, one of the bedrooms can be locked but all other rooms are open for group-sex in full view of any guests who wish to watch. Participation in any sexual activity (group or otherwise) is only allowed with the full consent of other person/people. In other words, watching is always okay but if you want to touch you need to ask first and accept that No means No.

Swinger Junction Parties

A house on the edge of the New Forest once provided a superb Southampton swingers venue. This delightful country house was specially purchased to host swinging parties.

It's setting, in nearly an acre of screened-off countryside, was close to the New Forest. Yet the venue was less than 5 minutes from Junction 2 of the M27, with easy access from Southampton city centre, the Southwest, Portsmouth, the M3 and M25.

This very convenient location caused the venue to be aptly named; Swinger Junction and many truly memorable swinger parties were hosted there for several years. Sadly the venue is now closed Closed Southampton swinger party venue

Swinging in the City

Southampton also had a regular swinging venue nearer to the city centre. This was a club which served the fetish and TV/TS community as well as swingers. There were lots of themed party nights, plus mixed fetish/swingers events and occasional, Greedy Girls Parties and Gangbangs

An entertaining article in the local Daily Echo describes the reasons for the venues eventual closure.

Southampton Area Swinger Dating

Although our members love to attend venues like those described above, they have plenty of opportunities to party and enjoy group sex in all of its forms without ever needing to go to clubs or other purpose designated venues.

A fundamental difference between Adult Dating and Mainstream Dating is that it aims to help people looking for casual, no-strings, sex to hook-up with like-minded singles and couples. Most adult dating devotees enjoy or hope to enjoy group-sex in one form or another. For couples this is usually referred to as Swinger Dating but the term also applies to singles who want to enjoy swinging relationships.

The Southampton area has hundreds of couples who enjoy swinger dating and there are even more singles. They hook-up by using our discreet and totally secure online adult dating site. After one or two initial meetings to socialize and test out compatibility, they will meet again for sexual encounters which often include having threesome or foursome sex. Some will go on to arrange their own swinger parties or smaller group-sex events in their homes, hotel rooms or even holiday let cottages like those that can be rented in the New Forests and coastal areas around Southampton.