Surrey swingers parties
at commercial venues and private homes

Surrey's swinging venues and private sex parties are only part of the lifestyle enjoyed by Club Aphrodite's members. Our online virtual swinger club also provides them with the hottest swinger dating fun in the county.

Surrey's Swinger Lifestyle

For couples and singles who live the swinger lifestyle, few places can be a better place to be than Surrey. There is a very active swinger party scene with choices between home-based parties and commercially run, swinger club venues. Most of these run events that include single males as well as exclusive swinger-couples-only parties.

Surrey is also a gold mine of hot contacts for swinger dating. Both singles and couples who want to meet up with other swingers find every town in the the county is perfect for swinger dating and hooking up with single females, males and couples for threesomes or other group sex.

In addition to all of this, Surrey also has several good dogging sites which have become so popular with local swingers that the council are considering the provision of designated dogging site for the county.
Some of our members enjoy a very active fetish scene and there are countless opportunities for just about every other form of adult fun.

Popular Parties
with Surrey Swingers

Some swingers prefer house parties and others prefer swinger-club-type venues. But it is the people who attend a party that makes it either a success or a failure, regardless of the type of premises in which it is held.

Until recently one particular private house venue in a village close to Gatwick had a particularly good reputation in this respect.
The couple who hosted the swinger parties there did so with great expertise. They always managed to succeed in encouraging a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It is this sort of hosting that is the secret to bringing guests back to a venue time and time again.

Whilst this couple have now moved to Oxfordshire, other local couples have learned from their example and are successfully hosting their own house parties in places like Farnham, Godalming and Leatherhead.
Another member has been running hotel room parties regularly at six hotels located in central, east, west, and south Surrey on a rotation basis.

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Commercially Run Swingers Venue

There is an extremely popular and well run Surrey swinger party venue in Sutton. The premises are large enough to hold events catering for a hundred people, although the regular Swinger-Couples, Mixed-Couples-Singles and Greedy-Girls parties held there are usually much smaller affairs.

The venue has good facilities, including:

All events have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and there is no pressure for anyone to join in the group sex if they do feel comfortable or ready to do so.

The venue is located a short walk away from the railway station and there are several hotels and B&Bs close by.

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