Swinger parties near Tonbridge and throughout Kent county

Swinging in the garden of England

Gothic folly swinger parties

Our swinger parties in Kent started out in Tonbridge at a venue with a difference.
This was a gothic castle folly with intriguing spiral staircases leading to rooms of uninhibited group sex and nights of unbridled passion

Located in the heart of Kent, 6 minutes from Tonbridge and just 35 minutes from Waterloo station and fifteen minutes from M25 and M20, it was once the place for swinger couples and singles to cum time and time again.

Swingers hot tub fun

They would enjoy threesomes, foursomes and moresomes in the intriguing candlelit rooms created for the fulfilment of the eccentric, original owner's medieval, baronic fantasies.

Then, when they were ready for a change, they would descend the spiral staircase and listen out for the sound of laughter mingled with sighs of pleasure and splashing water.

Entering the open door on the second floor would lead them to the bathroom where, if they were not already naked, they would shed their clothes and join the revellers who are already cavorting in the hot tub.

These days members, Daniel and Freya's place in Tunbridge Wells has a hot tub where similar fun still occurs. The intrigue of the spiral stairway is all that is missing.

Swinger couples parties

Following the closure of this wonderful venue, swinger couples parties now take place in members homes and usually cater for around 25 couples. These are strictly for couples only and unaccompanied males cannot be invited.

Mixed single parties

Mixed singles parties can attract up to fifty people on average. But much smaller ones are more common. They are suitable for couples who are comfortable with the inclusion of a few single guys. Invitations are available to single males who are well turned out, take a pride in their appearance and are respectful and sensitive to the wishes of female / couple guests.

Greedy Girls parties

For males with stamina and for couples / single females who enjoy the attentions of males in a ratio of around 3:1. A non-stop orgy from the moment you arrive.

Who attends the parties

Guests are likely to be people who enjoy high standards of personal hygiene and who enjoy a reasonably good standard of living. A wide Ages range from 20s to 50s. The parties cater for all levels of experience and especially welcome newcomers to the swing scene.

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