Club Aphrodite Swingers in Swinging Bristol

Bristol area members enjoy frequent swinging parties and meetings

Our members in the Bristol area enjoy regular and frequent meetings at swinging parties and flirtatious social events.

During the past twelve months or so, the busiest parties were those provided at Cassy and Paul's spacious four bedroom home in Clifton.

The series of city meet-ups organised by Dion have also proved very popular with members looking for a no-pressure, social introduction before moving on to more adventurous swinger fun.

Big Swinging Bristols or just great party nights?

This venue is is located in a quiet, non-residential area of swinging Bristol that is ideally situated for anyone travelling into the area from outside. There is ample and secure free parking in the basement level.

Swinging Bristol parties every week

Swinging parties are usually held every week, typically with "Greedy Girls" events on Friday nights and parties aimed more at the swinger community being held on Saturdays.
There is nearly always at least one Saturday night per month that is set aside for a couples-only party. Another Saturday during in most months is dedicated as a themed event or fetish party and a further one for the LGBT community.

Large dance floor area

There are good facilities that include a large dance-floor and a bar. The adjoining area is for socialising area and is divided into two chill out areas.

Private swinging rooms

There is an exclusive swinger couples only area, a large dark room and a mixed singles and couples area. Play areas include an exclusive "couples only" room and a comfortable mixed room plus a large dark room for the adventurous to enjoy.

Bars and swingers refreshment's

To quench one's thirst before or after group sex? That is the question. For most people, the answer is both. Simply choose a soft drink from the varied selection that is always available the bar. And if oral sex fails to satisfy your appetite, you can also purchase light snacks here. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol and the venue provides several large coolers to store it in for you behind the bar.

Who are the swinging Bristol party goers?

All sorts of people, often from a wide geographical area attend. Ages range from early twenties to late forties with the average swinging couple likely to be in their early thirties. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, race or social background. All that is expected is cleanliness and reasonably smart appearance.

Dress code

Male guests arrive dressed in smart casual wear. Female guests usually wear short dresses or skirts with tops that can be removed easily with matching underwear. Anything sexy and revealing is acceptable.

Opening and closing times

The party nights at this swinging Bristol party place, start at 9.30pm and finish at 4.00am. It is recommended that you arrive early in order to get to know everybody and spend some time relaxing as the party atmosphere warms up. Start enjoying the Bristol swinger scene. Sign up for Free.

Attitudes towards the swinger community

The swinger community is often misrepresented and even stigmatised and ridiculed. At the very least it is considered by many as immoral, objectionable and deviant. Typically, mainstream media will portray swinging as being all about "wife-swapping" and those who take part in it as sexual perverts.

The swinging community finds these attitudes and misconceptions offensive in much the same way as the LGBT community finds homophobia and transgender prejudice offensive.

Unlike the LGBT community the swinger community has never managed to build a structure that is sufficiently organised to campaign against and challenge the prejudices they are confronted with. Instead, they have been edged into becoming a somewhat secretive community. But for many this actually makes swinging more fun.

Our members in the Bristol area who enjoy swinging, often comment on how being part of the local swinger community, fosters feelings of togetherness and solidarity. Why not join them and become part of the Bristol swinger community?

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