Gloucester sex parties for swinger couples and singles

Gloucester swinger couples and singles venue

Elegant venue in the centre of Gloucester

This elegantly furnished and tastefully decorated venue for swinger couples and singles is located in the centre of Gloucester only a few minute's walk away from Gloucester docks and The Designer Outlet Centre. Also close to Gloucester cathedral in an area where you a good choice of excellent restaurants and hotels are located.

Warm welcoming hosting

Both swinger couples and singles can expect a warm welcome. Upon arrival, they will be shown around, introduced to other guests and generally helped to get over those first-party-nerves. There will be no pressure or expectation placed on anyone to participate in sex party activities.

Latest news for sex party venue

Deb and Stuart, the swinger couple who host sex parties at the Gloucester venue are currently unable to offer further events.
It is hoped that this situation will soon be resolved, either by new hosting arrangements or the opening of alternative swinger venues in Gloucester.

In the meantime, there is still plenty of action on the Gloucester swing scene. Our members host regular house parties to which both singles and swinger couples receive invitations. Other events are announced on our members events calendar.

Europe's largest swinger festival

The swinger festival which took place in the village of Flaxley returned in 2019 and was set to be the the Glastonbury of swinging.
Flaxley is a small village situated in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire and it has previously hosted the mammoth open-air sex party in 2015 and 2016.
These events are organised by Swingfields and the festival which was founded in 2013, tours the country, finding outdoor venues for anyone who wants to enjoy the swinging lifestyle in this way. Events include live music and DJs and various sideshows of erotic entertainment.
Sadly, the corona virus outbreak prevented a repeat swing in 2020 but its fingers-crossed for 2022. So get ready now by signing up to find a swinger partner to attend with.

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