Enjoy the rapidly expanding swing scene in Cornwall

Some areas of Cornwall are buzzing with lively swinger communities - Falmouth, Newquay and St Austell in particular. Many of our long standing members who have been enjoying the swinger lifestyle for many years, form the hub of the communities. The activities they enjoy range from twosome sex-dating to throwing awesome swinger parties in their own homes or at hotels and holiday home lets.

Twosomes, Threesomes, Foursomes and Swinger Parties

  • Twosome sex-dating - This is the starting point for singles who want to get into the swinger lifestyle. Using our online swinger club's search and match tools, members connect online to chat and establish potential compatibility as a prelude to arranging safe dates in public rendezvous such as local pubs. If all goes well, they then agree further meetings in private locations where they can move on to enjoying casual sex. For some, one-on-one sex with a steady flow of new partners is all they wanted. For others, it is just a beginning which leads them into one or more of the activities listed below.
  • Threesome encounters - Threesomes are probably the most widespread fantasy experienced by both men and women. Amongst members of the Cornish swinging community, it is also probably the most commonly enjoyed activity. For couples, connecting with compatible singles, threesome liaisons are achieved in exactly the same way as described above for twosome sex-dating. For singles, the most reliable way is to start by using our search tools to find partners who are enthusiastic about participating in threesome sex; then once the relationship has progressed, they can search for a third single. It is also possible for singles is to search for couples who are into threesomes. There is no reason why both methods cannot be used at the same time.
  • Foursomes - Think of foursomes and you naturally think of swinger couple swaps. But by finding swing partners in the way described above, singles get to enjoying regular foursomes too. The term "couple swap" is also misleading because swapping partners doesn't always occur in foursome liaisons. Some swingers prefer to have "same room sex", where having sex in front of the other couple is the turn on and full intercourse is restricted to one's own partner. The meeting and connecting process for foursome liaisons follows the same procedure as described above. The foursome encounter itself usually takes place in the privacy of a couple's own home but thanks to Cornwall's popularity as a tourist destination, hotel rooms are also used for the purpose.
  • Swinger parties - For couples, or for singles who have hooked up with a swing-partner, swinger parties are for many people their ultimate fantasy fulfilment. They also provide one of the best ways to forge connections and network within the swinging community. There are no swinger clubs in Cornwall, so all swinger parties take place either in private residences, hotels or holiday lettings and are hosted by members - see example below.

Swinger weekends in a Cornish hotel

Some members got together a while back to organise small swinger parties with the option of staying over for whole weekends of seriously naughty fun in local hotels. The parties they arrange are expertly hosted by two very experienced couples who really know how to make the events swing.

One of the couples hosts parties in their delightful four bedroom detached home, which is situated in idyllic countryside a short distance from St Austell. Weekend guests stay at a nearby hotel that features luxurious en suite bedrooms, a spa, indoor pool and restaurant. Here they can discretely extend bonds made at the party.

The other couple's home is on the outskirts of Camborne where they can host small parties of up to five couples. Guests who want to extend parties into a swinging weekend choose to stay at another beautiful hotel in nearby Redruth. Although discretion is absolutely essential, the hotel's jacuzzi and sauna often prove to be popular facilities.

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Rapid Growth of Cornwall's Swinging Scene

Since Club Aphrodite's beginnings in the mid-90's, the swinging scene in Cornwall has grown enormously. Despite extensive national advertising, it wasn't until the end of our second year (1997), that we recruited our first members from Cornwall. They were a couple from the Truro area whose enthusiasm for swinging was so great that they happily travelled to swinger parties in London, Hertfordshire and even Kent. Eventually, they opened up their farmhouse home for small parties, which were held regularly between 1998 and 2002. By this time, our Cornish membership had grown to around seventy members but even with that number, finding a local swing partner for twosome fun could be problematic, whilst making connections for threesome and foursome liaisons usually proved impossible without travelling to locations outside of Cornwall.

It wasn't until the second half of the decade that Cornwall's swinging scene really took off. Club Aphrodite was at the heart of it all, bringing both singles and couples together for many unforgettable swinging encounters. From steamy one-on-ones to threesomes, foursomes and swinger parties, we've been the backdrop to countless adventures of passion and excitement. Whether you're a novice single or an experienced swinger-couple, we're here to make sure your fantasies are fulfilled and your experiences truly unforgettable. So, if you are ready to take your craving for uninhibited, swinger sex to a whole new level, there is no longer any reason to be put off by concerns about Cornwall's remoteness and population size .

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