Truro swingers enjoy swinging parties
in a Cornish farmhouse

Club Aphrodite' members in Cornwall love swinger parties at beautiful private venues and enjoy local swinger dating with couples and singles around Truro.

Truro Area Swinger Parties for Cornwall Swingers

For any swingers living in Cornwall, the excellent sex parties that take place in this wonderfully restored farm house located between Twelve Heads and Chacewater will probably be of great interest.

Although only a few miles west of Truro, the five bedroom house is set in glorious countryside, and is the home of Club Aphrodite members, Shaun and Francesca.

The couple embarked upon the swinger lifestyle several years ago and before they moved to Cornwall. Neither were ever able to understand why modern society is so strongly positioned about the need for monogamous sex. They have always firmly believed that their love for each other is far stronger because they can freely enjoy recreational sex with complete openness and trust. After years of enjoying their polygamous relationship with many other like-minded couples and singles, they decided to start hosting swinger parties of their own.

Their first venue was a disused night club they rented in Guildford, Surrey but the rent was always being raised, making it difficult for the venture to break even. Then the move to Truro came about and once renovations to the farmhouse were completed, the first swinger party took place.

Since then the farmhouse has become a regular swinger party venue.

Sex parties for over 100 swingers

The venue's frequent swinger and mixed singles parties can cater for well over one hundred guests and one of the great attractions for a lot of people at the early stages of every party is the eight by five metre farmhouse kitchen. Such a huge kitchen space makes it the ideal place to socialise with other guests. Admittedly, the attraction of this magnificent room, can make it a little difficult to move people along to other areas of the house.

Truro swinger party venue kitchen

Dancing Downstairs - Swinging Upstairs

Downstairs, the next most popular room is the enormous lounge which has a small dance floor at one end. Some of the dancing can get very dirty and to encourage the exhibitionists, Shaun has fitted a dance pole as well.

Upstairs, the five bedrooms are tastefully decorated and furnished to enhance the voyeur and exhibitionist nature of the swinger experience. Mirrors are to be found on walls and on ceilings, whilst two bedrooms are fitted with the latest home cinema equipment on which, porn movies continuously play to the occupants.

Shaun and Francesca are always wanting more guests

Let's face it, Cornwall isn't exactly the easiest place to find plenty of people for anything! So Club Aphrodite, together with Shaun and Francesca are always having to work at finding guests for the swinger parties at this beautiful venue.
If you live in Cornwall or live elsewhere and would like to travel to Shaun and Francesca's place for a long weekend, then why not become a member so we can help you to arrange it.

Enjoy swinger dating around Truro

Big swinger parties don't have the same appeal to everyone who enjoys the swinging lifestyle. Some of our members prefer smaller group fun like threesomes and foursomes. They enjoy swinger dating around Truro because they can always find new members to hook-up with. Instead of attending parties they like to have their adult fun in hotel rooms, one another's homes or even outdoors in secluded locations such as remote beaches and woodland.

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