Swindon swinger parties
for Wiltshire singles and swinger couples

Club Aphrodite members have a lot to enjoy in and around Swindon. There are usually a lot of swinger parties at private residences in the Wiltshire countryside. There is a swingers club in Swindon itself and generally this part of Wiltshire is a great area for swinger dating.

Wiltshire Swinger Party House near Swindon

Located in the village of Castle Eaton, a few miles north of Swindon, this four bedroom farm house makes an ideal party venue not only for Wiltshire swingers but also those living in other areas.
The house was recently purchased by Gina and Clive, Club Aphrodite members who have been swingers for over fifteen years.

The couple previously lived in south west London where they regularly attended but were unable to host swinger parties. On moving to the Wiltshire countryside, they decided that the space and seclusion afforded by their new property made regular swinger party hosting a must.

This superb swinger party venue consists of four large bedrooms, a magnificent bathroom which is big enough to house a communal hot tub, a large farmhouse style kitchen, beautiful dining room and a lounge that is big enough to enjoy some steamy swinger dancing in.

Swindon Swingers Club

Located in central Swindon, this superb venue is a swingers club with a difference. Instead of operating along the lines of traditional Swingers Only venues, this club opens it events to everyone. It means that parties will almost certainly be attended by a mix of gay and straight swingers, T.V.s, fetish, voyeurs, naturists, exhibitionists and an unrestricted ratio of single males to single females and couples. The only rules are about conduct and these are the same as you would expect to find elsewhere. Anyone who pesters and fails to accept No for an answer will be asked to leave.

If you are comfortable with the idea of attending events of the kind described above, Learn more about the club.

The Perfect Playroom for Swingers

The house is beautifully furnished and well presented throughout, whilst one of the bedrooms has been specially crafted to create the perfect playroom ambience for swingers. With two opposite mirrored walls, swingers at play on the purposed built bed will see themselves reflected in the illusion of an infinite orgy.
Gina, who happens to be a very talented artist, has just finished adding the final touches to the ceiling. Her work may not quite match the religious theme of Michelangelo's but it does share one feature with the masters work on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. They both reveal plenty of writhing human beings, although Gina's characters writhe in ecstasy rather than agony!

Wiltshire Swingers and Singles Welcome

Gina and Clive welcome swinger couples and singles to their Wiltshire party haven. They try to have parties that suit all needs, ranging from swinger parties that are reserved for swinger couples only to mixed swinger and singles events and even the occasional 'Greedy Girls Party' aimed mainly at singles.

Members and Swinger Friends Only

Whether you are a Swindon swinger or are based elsewhere and would like to attend a swinger party in Wiltshire, Gina and Clive's policy is to invite personal friends and fellow Club Aphrodite members only

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