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Birmingham’s Swinger Community

Birmingham’s swingers are proud to be part of what many consider to be the UK’s most active swinging community. From King’s Norton in the south to Sutton Coalfield in the north, virtually every part of the city buzzes with lots of naughty adult fun.

Many of Birmingham’s swingers are members of Club Aphrodite. They’ve been joining us since early in 1997, just a few months after we started up as a pre-internet, post and phone, contacts and swinger parties club for broadminded singles and couples.

Since then, our local membership has grown exponentially. Our unique platform brings like-minded people together to enjoy as many aspects of the swinging lifestyle as they wish to participate in.

Some members are happy to use their membership just to enjoy adventurous, 1-2-1 encounters. Others join us mainly to have threesomes, whilst many couples find private foursomes satisfy their desires. For many more, attending swinger parties and engaging in public group sex is the ultimate fulfilment of their fantasies.

In Birmingham, the best swinger parties take place in private residences with some members organizing and hosting them in their own homes. Some examples are featured in the next section.

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Selly Oak Swinger Parties for Birmingham Couples

The swinger parties hosted by Tom and Suzanne in Selly Oak are a perfect example of how our members organise and host events in the Birmingham area.

Tom and Suzanne enjoy hosting two types of event. Saturday night swinger parties that are exclusively for swinger couples and Thursday night mixed parties for both couples and singles (see details in next section).

The Selly Oak swinger couples parties are usually attended by a gathering of between twenty and thirty couples on Saturday nights. This is a pretty large group of people for a house party in the area but Tom and Suzanne's home is a big four bedroom place with a large built on conservatory downstairs that serves as an intimate dance area. Next to this is an undercover, six-seater hot tub that has always proved to be one of the venue's most popular features at swinger couples parties.

No one is ever put under any pressure to join in the action at parties hosted by Tom and Suzanne. They warmly welcome newcomers to the scene and show great sensitivity towards their needs for gentle introductions and the overcoming of first-timer nerves. However, the couple also know how to lead by example and love to indulge in totally uninhibited exhibitionism, either with each other or with other experienced couples.

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Mixed Single / Couple Parties

Thursday night Selly Oak parties are smaller gatherings of around twenty guests in total, comprising of both singles and couples.

They are popular with single guys who relish the opportunity to meet and mingle with both females and couples. The women who attend are those who enjoy having sex with an excess of men. Also, in the case of couples, male partners are usually men who are turned on by watching their partner with other men.

At some parties the ratio of males to females has reached as high as 4:1 but ratios of 2 or 3:1 are more usual.

Whilst the action tends to be more "In Your Face" than that which takes place at the swinger parties, it is usually confined to bedrooms, allowing the downstairs rooms to be places in which guests can relax and take things one-step-at-a-time.

Obviously Tom and Suzanne want to ensure that their beautiful home is not spoilt, damaged or made insecure as a result of inviting the wrong people.

In order to ensure this, they organise all of their parties through Club Aphrodite and make invitations available on a strictly, members-only basis. Additionally, they require new guests to provide verifiable photographic, I.D. before they will issue invitations or the venue's address.

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What some members say:

Single Man: Joining Club Aphrodite has been a great choice. Uniquely, it’s a swinger couples club that also welcomes singles, and it has opened the door for me to become a part of the inclusive swingers community in Birmingham.

Single Female: Club Aphrodite is the safest and surest way to get into the world of swinging. It took me just three days to find suitable swing partners and within the first month after joining, I had done several threesomes and foursomes, and been to my first ever swinger party.

Couple: We joined Club Aphrodite shortly after moving to Birmingham. As we didn't know anyone in the area, least of all other swingers, we were keen to build contacts as quickly as possible for both friendships and sex. You didn't disappoint us and we now have a regular circle of friends in the area, some of whom we swing with and others who we just meet up with socially for some sexy laughs etc.

Meet some Birmingham swingers:

More About Us

Club Aphrodite is dedicated to upholding the fundamental principles of consent and respect within the swinger lifestyle. As such, membership is only open to people who uphold these principles at all times. Individuals who engage in coercive behaviour, such as pressuring women to attend swinger parties or who compel their partners to participate in sexual activities beyond their comfort zones are not welcomed by ourselves or by the genuine Birmingham swingers community.

At the core of our guiding principles is a firm belief in providing women with total control throughout every aspect of the swinging experience. We passionately reject any of the misogynistic attitudes that are sometimes associated with the lifestyle.

Everyone else, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, and whether they are single or couple will receive the warmest of welcomes from ourelves and our existing members. Our 24/7 support team is here to help you get the very best out of your membership. We don't use social media logins and we make your need for privacy our number one priority. All profiles go through a rigorous verification process, so that only genuine members can be naughty here.

Whether you're a novice single or an experienced swinger-couple, we're here to make your journey unforgettable. So why not take your first step into the world of swinger dating, threesomes, foursomes, and swinger parties by signing up now?