Shropshire swinger club

Swinging in luxurious elegance

Aiden and Natalie have hosted some really fab parties over the past seven years. They are an attractive couple in their early forties who live in a small village, a few miles to the south of Shrewsbury. Their luxurious venue is a popular one and the parties they hold - usually at monthly intervals - really swing!

Whilst they do not want to exclude unaccompanied single males entirely, they both feel that it is important to be selective and restrict numbers to a level that ensures all of their couple-guests feel entirely comfortable.

The policy seems to have worked really well if the feedback from our members and the number of regular attendees is anything to go by. But don't despair if you are a single male because we have plenty of party-hungry females looking for swing-partners for this prestigious venue. To get started, sign up here to do some local swinger dating first.

Shropshire's beautiful swinger club

This Shropshire swinger club is only 15 minutes away from both Telford and Wolverhampton. It is probably the most beautiful swinger clubs in the country. We would describe it as a really upmarket sort of place, very elegant, luxurious and classy. It is aimed at people who value such things.

Shropshire swinger club in action

Superb swinger party facilities

The beautiful indoor pool is very special indeed. There really is nothing else on the swinger venue scene that compares.
If you don't get in the mood by taking a dip in its warm relaxing water, or even by just entering the area, you probably shouldn't be swinging at all. But you may prefer the additional intimacy afforded by a Jacuzzi. If so the large eight seater one is a must. Finally, for those who like it hot and steamy there is a spacious sauna and steam room.

Booze and food

Guests bring their own alcohol but the club can keep it safe for you behind the bar, at which plenty of soft drinks, mixers and coffee can be purchased at reasonable prices.


There is a large secure car park with extra parking is close by.

Parties every weekend

There are some really sexy swinger parties held every weekend with special events on bank holiday weekends and other times. Friday nights are reserved for couples only.
All other times are mixed with couples and singles both welcome.

Forthcoming Swinging Dates:

The corona virus lockdown restrictions have disrupted the scheduling of many swinger club parties in 2020 but this is actually proving to be the best time to start swinger dating. We have had an unprecedented upsurge in female and couple membership, thus providing single males with fantastic opportunities to find swinger partners in time for the return of more frequent parties.
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