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Sheriff of Nottingham Swingers Party

Back in the 13th century swinging could easily have been a matter of life and death.
Just imagine, the Sheriff of Nottingham or Sir Guy Gisbourne inviting the insatiable maid Marion to a Nottingham swinger party only for Robin Hood to find out!

Swinging in on the end of a rope he lands on the banqueting table just in time to catch the sheriff's distinctly unimpressive weapon being held in Marion's hand just a inch from her open mouth. Robin allows Marion to sink the Sheriff's skinny shaft in her mouth, before dropping his Lincoln Green panty hose and hoisting the wenches' skirts above her waist.

'Take a real Sherwood forest oak', he commands, thrusting his mighty todger into Maid Marion's tiny arsehole.

The Sheriff's of Nottingham's erupts in anger and frustration.

'Curse to my 13th century brewer's droop' he cries. 'It's castration for you, Robin of Loxley'

But Robin knows how to cum quickly when he needs and manages to shoot a quiver full of his hot spunk up Marion's tight hole before the Sheriff's men can catch him. Seconds later he is swinging back out of the window, his hose around his ankle whilst his merry men cheer him from below.

Today's Nottingham Swinger Parties

More recently, Nottingham swinger couple, Debbie and Paul, have hosted many great swinger party nights.
Their beautiful five bedroom home in Scarrington provides the ideal house venue for swinger couples and singles from all over the Nottingham area and beyond.
Accommodating over seventy guests, the parties take place on Saturday evenings, at approximately six weekly intervals throughout the year.
Debbie and Paul have been together as swingers for more than fifteen years but only started hosting their own events four years ago.
'Before that, we used to go to clubs because we lived in a much smaller house.' Debbie informed us
'We prefer house parties to the commercial club ones because they are more intimate and we pride ourselves on being good hosts who know how to put everyone at ease as soon as they arrive.'

Enjoying the swinging lifestyle in Notts

There's plenty more swinging going on in Notts and the number of couples and singles signing up to enjoy the swinging lifestyle is growing all the time.

Matthew's FFM Threesome

Take 53 year old Matthew from Newark for example. His lifetime fantasy to enjoy a FFM threesome had never come even remotely near to being realised. He had long since given up any hope of finding women who enjoyed that kind of swinging, let alone any that would do it with him once he had passed 50.

Then one day, one of Matthew's mates told him about his own, similar experience and how he had succeeded in fulfilling his fantasy by joining Club Aphrodite. Matthew decided to give it a try and soon found out that there was a lot more swinging going on in Notts than he had ever thought possible.

Other Group-Sex Experiences

For the first couple of months, of his membership Matthew enjoyed several great 1-2-1 dates with some very horny and adventurous women but none of these lead to threesome sex. It was in his third month of membership that the breakthrough happened and the dream he had thought impossible came true. A 32 year old bi-female he had met told him that she had a bi-friend who would love to join them for a threesome.

Since that evening, Matthew has never looked back and has enjoyed many other group-sex experiences. He has also attended swinging parties in Nottingham itself and at several private residences throughout the county.

Many more Nottingham Swingers

There are hundreds of other singles like Matthew have discovered how easy it is to find adult contacts in Nottingham and enjoy a swinging lifestyle of adult dates, group sex and parties.
There are also many swinger couples like Debbie and Paul who enjoy partner swapping and organise their own swinger parties.
Swinging in Nottingham has never been easier - except perhaps for Robin and his merry men back in the 13th century!