Swinger Couples Dinner Party Fun

Swinging fun for four or more

Naughty Gourmet Nights

For sophisticated swinger couples who enjoy gourmet food and want to combine a touch of real class with some swinging fun.
The parties create an extremely sensual and erotic atmosphere where wining dining and sex combine to create the ultimate in hedonistic pleasure. The dinner parties described below take place in a country house in Shropshire but they can also be located anywhere else in the country.

The classy, erotically charge atmosphere

A large table set with antique silver and glass is lit entirely by candles. With polished silver gleaming against a linen tablecloth the atmosphere is perfect for the seductive swinging that follows.
The champagne reception and selection of fine wines compliment a four or five course menu to delight your taste buds and set the tone for this stylish and sophisticated evening. Dining is by candlelight reflected in large Georgian mirrors. Fresh flowers enhance the atmosphere while the food itself is a star performer.

Erotic Dining for Swinging Singles

Although swinger dinners are organised for couples, there is no reason you should miss out if you are one of our swinging singles members.

Use our swinger dating service to hook up with other singles who want to experience an erotic dinner party.
When you have found someone who you are compatible with and who shares your desire to attend a dining event, create a new profile as a swinger-couple and request invitations from hosting members.

And don't forget, we can also help you to organise, promote and host your own swinger dinner party too. Why not become the Naked Chef?

Sex is not just an after dinner thing

As the dining proceeds, the guests flirt. They touch, tease and dine off each other. Some say its like having four hours of foreplay but sexual encounters may take place from the moment you arrive and throughout the dinner. Sex is not just an after dinner thing.
Couples are seated together so can start by playing with your partner and the guest next to you as you dine. Then you can move around to enjoy other guests.
At all times a polite 'no thank you', means no.

Dress code

As a guest you may dress and behave as erotically as you like. The more sexy your dress, the more fun you will have.
Sometimes there are themes with an appropriate dress code. Sometimes a totally nude dinner is organised. Others may be a black tie event.

Stay over for a swinger breakfast as well

Most of the guests are able to stay from Saturday evening to Sunday big breakfast

Invitations for selected couples only

You will need to be a couple if you want to apply for an invitation which is by selection only. Compatibility is the key for making adult dining work so couples are chosen by a rigorous selection criteria.
If you enjoy sophisticated company, fine wines, and gourmet dinners in an erotically charged atmosphere that leads slowly but surely towards group sex in a large bedroom after dinner, these events are definitely for you.

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