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Swinger Parties in Warwickshire

Swinger Parties Near Coventry

Warwickshire Swinger Venue

The venue was situated just a few minutes drive from Coventry, yet in a quiet, pleasant and upmarket area of rural Warwickshire.

Despite being very well established and providing hundreds of excellent swinger parties for many years, it no longer offers its facilities to the swinger-lifestyle community.

Group Sex in Curtained off Areas

The swinger venue premises were those of a traditional night club. There was a dance floor area and a bar plus secluded, curtained off areas where most of the real adult fun with swinging and group sex occurred.

Since its closure, more swinger parties have been taking place in private residences throughout Warwickshire but especially in and around Coventry. These are organised and hosted by members. They promote events using our online adult dating facilities and invite other like-minded, members to attend. If you want to start holding your own parties, we will help you to get started.

Swinger Parties in Warwickshire Every Week

Swinger parties in Warwickshire are taking place every week. The venue described above held their events on the first Saturday of every month and also on the second Wednesday. The same pattern has been followed by some of our members who host events regularly in their homes.

Mixed couples and singles nights with erotic entertainment, fun and games, were usually held on the second Saturday of every month. There were special events on other Saturdays. Friday nights were reserved for fetish parties.

It is this sort of event that is difficult to emulate in domestic premises. Having said that, there are swingers who enjoy the fetish scene and who do organise parties that have a fetish dress code:
Leather, rubber, PVC, glamour/evening wear, uniforms, fantasy, period dress, etc.

Swingers Dress Code

The more usual dress code for privately hosted parties is smart casual for men and as sexy as dared for women to tease and impress. Arriving in jeans or trainers is usually frowned upon by hosts although we have never heard of any members being turned away. This was certainly not the case at the venue, where men who attended dressed in anything down from shirt with collar, trousers and shoes, were not admitted.

Hotels in Warwickshire

Some attempts have been made to organise small swinging events at various Warwickshire hotels. Although there are plenty of good quality and very reasonably priced hotels in the county, only a few provide the necessary, total discretion and no-questions-asked booking.

Swinger Activities Warwickshire: Conclusions

Whilst the loss of a popular venue with regular events is always disappointing, our members have proved that privately organised swinger activities can be much more fun. They continue to enjoy adult fun everywhere in the county so if you want to get into the swinger lifestyle in Warwickshire, join Club Aphrodite and get started today.