Staffordshire swingers clubs,
parties and swinging activities

Staffordshire has many local areas where the swinger lifestyle flourishes. As well as the swinger dating that our members enjoy everywhere, the county has several swinger clubs and private residences that regularly host smaller swinger parties.

Staffordshire Swingers Have Fun

Adult Swinging Night Club

This excellent Staffordshire swinger-party venue can be best described as an Adult Swinging Night-Club. It caters for a full range of swinging lifestyle activities from flirtatious socializing to hard group-sex. It is located in Stoke-on-Trent and is easy to reach from the A30, A50 or from the M6 motorway at junction 15. There is plenty of free road parking in the area and vehicles are protected by extensive security camera coverage. An excellent hotel, only a couple of minutes away, offers discount accommodation.

The club has been running very successfully for over a decade and is a great place for newcomers to the swinger lifestyle to gently ease themselves into it and get to know more experienced swingers. Both singles and couples are made to feel welcome although Saturday nights are reserved for couples events.

Parties are hosted by very friendly and helpful staff - mainly the owners themselves. They are long-standing members of the lifestyle community and experienced in giving the kind of support and encouragement that can make all the difference to a newcomer's first swinger party experience.

Staffordshire Swinging Elsewhere

Most singles and couples who enjoy the swinger lifestyle in Staffordshire do their swinging without attending swinger clubs or other party venues. They make contact with each other using our swinger dating club and meet up socially before moving on to the physical stuff either in their own homes or at hotels etc.

In cities and towns like Stoke, Stafford and Burton there are plenty of good meeting places to choose and many hotels that are totally discreet places to enjoy threesome sex or couple partner swapping.

There are several active group-sex networks that organise parties in their own homes and invite other members along. Also, if you can host swinger parties in your home when you become a member, you will find plenty of couples and singles who will respond to your invitations.

For Staffordshire swingers, size is not everything

Although a relatively small venue, the atmosphere is especially warm and friendly and the design and decor is seductively relaxing. The decor and quality certainly makes up for quantity. There is a beautiful lounge and dance area

Who are Staffordshire swingers?

As well as local, Staffordshire swingers, people attend this adult party venue from a remarkably wide geographical area. Ages range from early twenties to late forties with the average swinging couple likely to be in their early thirties. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, race or social background. All that is expected is cleanliness and reasonably smart appearance.

Swinger party etiquette

There is never any pressure to participate and the most important rule is that everyone shows respect to the female guests at all times.

Refreshments and welcome

Upon entering the club you will be warmly welcomed and invited to choose some refreshment from the bar You may bring your own alcohol if you wish.

Parties every month and more frequently

Mixed singles and couples parties tend to take place on Fridays. Saturdays are swinger couples only.

More people than ever starting to swing

If our recent volumes of new membership subscriptions are anything to go by, Staffordshire has more people getting involved in swinging than ever before. They are singles and couples of all ages. Some use us to find swinger partners to attend parties with. Others prefer meet up privately through swinger dating for twosomes, threesomes and foursomes. Some like to establish long term relationships and some prefer to have casual sex with as many different partners as they can.