Swinger dating thriving in Sheffield area

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Sheffield's famous swinger club closes

Sheffield's famous swinger club may have closed down in 2020 but membership in the Sheffield area is thriving and it is still one of the best areas for swinger dating and sex parties

The La Chambre club closed down following the first period of corona virus lockdown in 2020. From its formation and opening back in 1998, the unique venue was strongly linked with Club Aphrodite. Having formed Club Aphrodite only two years earlier in 1996, we worked closely with Barry and Marie - La Chambre's proprietors - to provide many great swinger parties for our members. Such was the reputation of the venue, that many of those who have enjoyed the parties over the years, travelled from places way beyond the Sheffield area. The swinger club will be sadly missed by both its local and non-local patrons.

Sheffield swing scene is not all bad news

The Sheffield swing scene is certainly not all bad news however. For starters, La Chambre's founders will be looking for new premises to open when the pandemic has left us. They have a lot of ideas in mind and have already looked at several premises that have potential for making a new swinger club.

At Club Aphrodite, throughout the Covid19 period, we have experienced the our most dramatic growth in membership numbers ever. Both couples and singles have been flocking to us whilst the epidemic raged. They may not be - and should not be - going to or organizing swinger parties but they are busy swinger dating and preparing for the day normality returns again.

Swinger lifestyle activity is both abundant and varied in and around Sheffield. This is one of the most active places in the country for couples and singles who want to enjoy adult fun, either in the form of adventurous 1-2-1 sex or as swinging group-sex.

Sheffield's vibrant swinger dating scene typically has more than a hundred singles and couples per month successfully making contact with each other to arrange twosomes, threesomes and foursomes. Active local networks organise private swinger parties in members' homes where both couples and singles can enjoy both soft and hard swinging.

Who are Sheffield Swingers?

Sheffield swingers are people from all walks of life. Practically every age group is represented in all swinging activities. Those who attend local swinger parties regularly are most typically people in their thirties and forties but frequently both older and younger guests can be found. Those who prefer swinging of the non-party variety, are perhaps on average, slightly younger.

Everyone is welcome to engage fully in all aspects of swinging in the Sheffield area.
Neither ethnic origins nor social background are barriers to getting the most out of swinger dating. The important factors are:
respect for other members, good standards of personal and sexual hygiene, and a broad-minded outlook.

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