Sex parties for swingers and single in Blackburn

Swinger Party Venue near Blackburn

Just a few miles south of Blackburn and within easy reach of junction 4 of the M65, there is a very good private sex party venue where swinger parties are frequently held.
The venue is the home of a Club Aphrodite member who has been hosting sex parties since 2001. His name is Ian and although he does not have a regular partner, he ensures that his parties are always co-hosted by a female or swinger couple. Ian feels that this is important to help female guests, especially nervous, first-timers, relax and enjoy things from the moment they arrive.

Sex Party Fun in Three Bedrooms

Although this sex party venue would not claim to be one of the biggest, it is a very comfortable and relaxing place to enjoy parties of up to twenty five people in.
The property is a three bedroom, secluded, detached house in a pleasant and upmarket suburb. Each of the bedrooms are remarkably spacious and Ian has fitted two of them with play platforms. These take up more than half the floor space and provide sufficient room for large swinger groups to romp on. The surrounding decor includes mirrors and erotic art work. The lighting is gentle and subdued, providing the rooms with the perfect ambience for swinging.
The third bedroom is Ian's personal room and is furnished with a superb king size bed. Guests are welcome to use this in addition to the playrooms.

Saturday Night Swinger Parties

Blackburn swinger parties usually take place on Saturday nights and aim to ensure that an equal ratio of males and females attend. In addition to swinger couples, there are usually several single females and males in the area who regularly help to make the guest list up.
The swinging sex parties in this quiet Blackburn suburb are nearly always very active affairs from start to finish and whilst newcomers are made to feel very welcome and put at their ease, the parties are not likely to suit those who do not get around to joining in with the fun.

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