Living the Swingers Lifestyle in Manchester

Central Manchester Swinger party Venue

A popular swinger party venue in central Manchester provides events for those who enjoy the swinger lifestyle. It has a friendly and warmly welcoming atmosphere, where everyone can relax and socialize whilst letting other activities happen quite naturally and in good time. The experienced hosts are adept at ensuring things run smoothly and everyone is included. People who are new to the swinger lifestyle are allowed to take things as slowly as they want without in anyway excluding them or isolating them from regulars or more adventurous swingers.

Catering for swinger couples and singles

This central Manchester swingers venue caters for swinger-couples, single females and single males.

The guests attending any given event are generally representative of a wide ranging age group and a broad sweep of ethnic and social backgrounds. Most events have a healthy male to female ratio and there are often as many single females present as there are swinger couples.

Swingers Jacuzzi

Just about everyone we have ever met who enjoys the swinger lifestyle adores adult fun in a Jacuzzi. Manchester swingers are no exception and getting together in the sauna for some flirtatious socializing, followed by some slightly naughtier activity in the Jacuzzi, is one of the venue's great attractions.

Orgy Rooms and Dungeon

The venue has four swinger-play-rooms which are tastefully decorated and comfortably furnished. Two of these play rooms are set aside as orgy rooms where group-sex of a more adventurous nature and usually consisting of more than four bodies can take place.

For those whose enjoyment of the swinging lifestyle crosses over into more fetish and BDSM tastes, a well equipped dungeon is also provided.

Other Facilities

In addition to the rooms described above, this classy swinger party venue also offer a private couples-only room. Whilst this room has a viewing window for passing voyeurs to watch the activities going on within, the door will prevent any single males from entering uninvited.

Although the venue does not serve alcohol, there is a good sized lounge and bar area where guests can have any drinks they bring along served to them by the staff.

Another swinger club in central Manchester

This venue operates as a massage parlour in the daytime. It has been luxuriously designed and decorated and in the evenings it makes an ideal place to hold relaxed parties for Manchester swinger couples and singles.

It has a tastefully furnished lounge for meeting other swingers and this is where people head for when they first arrive. The meeting area is comfortably furnished with sofas and chairs.

Play rooms with some privacy

There are two play-rooms that are generally used by people who want a little more privacy than is afforded in the other areas. In these some same-room fun or swapping foursomes are the more usual forms of intimacy.

Group sex on the grand scale

The more open area features a romping bed which is a large curtain - enclosed bed, ideally suited for those who enjoy the more the merrier type of group fun. It is lit by red lights and statues of the Goddess Aphrodite stand either side of its entrance.

More Swinger Lifestyle fun in Manchester

Central Manchester offers many other opportunities to enjoy the swinger lifestyle. Our members in the area regularly enjoy 1-2-1 sex dating with hot singles, threesomes and swinger. There are also many private house parties taking place outside the city centre. Full details can be found on our Greater Manchester swinger parties page

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