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A New Swinging Club in Rochdale

Designed with adult parties in mind

This is a venue is a purpose designed adult party club.

It is situated in Rochdale just 10 minutes from the Motorway network, five minutes from the trains and half an hour from Manchester International Airport.

It offers regular swinger parties and other adult events in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Relax at the new swingers venue

Rochdale now has a fabulous new swingers party venue
It has been thoughtfully and tastefully crafted to meet the needs of today's swinger lifestyle followers.
The ultra-clean and stylish premises provide an intimate and friendly atmosphere in which it is easy to relax and let go of inhibitions.
The experienced hosts excel at helping to make everyone feel welcome and providing a swinging experience which exceeds that provided at most other swinger club venues.

Frolic in the Jacuzzi or cavort in a swingers play room

The premises consists of the following facilities:

There are no limits to the action that takes place with both couples and singles getting involved in plenty of totally uninhibited group sex.

Swinger party etiquette

There is never any pressure to participate and the most important rule is that everyone shows respect to the female guests at all times.

Refreshments and welcome

Upon entering the club you will be warmly welcomed and invited to choose some refreshment from the bar and take it into the lounge.
You may bring your own alcohol if you wish.

Parties every week

Singles and couples are both welcome but the second Saturday of every month is set aside for a couples only night. Similarly the third Friday is a Greedy Girls night and ordinary mixed single / couples nights are held on Thursdays.

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