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Adult Parties in the Southeast

Adult Parties and Events in the Southeast

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The southeast is the heart of swinging England

There still exists a popular idea of attending swinging adult parties as a being an upper middle class past-time, played out in country houses, with wealthy tycoon husbands swapping bored suburban housewives.
Dramas that portray this myth are more often than not set in the leafy suburbs of the southeast region's most affluent areas.

Whatever the historical truth, swinging adult party venues in southeast England certainly include a few country houses and even a castle.

Adult parties in the southeast are egalitarian

In reality swinging adult parties in the southeast are very much egalitarian affairs where anyone from manual worker to company executive turns up and plays with swinging guests whose appeal is much more likely to be to do with sexual chemistry than personal wealth.
Although its true to say that some swinging adult parties in the southeast, just like anywhere else, are by personal invitation only, guest lists are usually drawn up from criteria about looks, willingness to play and experience of other adult parties.

Here are a few examples of adult parties
in the southeast that Club Aphrodite members enjoy:

  • Hampshire 1
    Swinger parties with style in south east Hants
  • Guildford area
    Surrey swinger parties with a touch of luxury
  • Hampshire 2
    Beautiful country house close to New Forest and Southampton
  • Hertfordshire
    Swinging Jacuzzi parties near M1 / M25
  • Hertfordshire
    Swinging in the pool at a wonderful swingerparty venue
  • Kent
    Gothic mansion in the Tonbridge area
  • Witney
    Swinging party fun in Witney, Oxon
  • Surrey
    Immensely popular private house venue
  • Sussex
    Swinging house and pool parties

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